CAEA Professional Development Scholarships and Resources

CAEA provides opportunities for art educators to increase their knowledge and improve their teaching skills. A large portion of this professional development takes place at the annual state conference where attendees can hear world-class speakers, participate in skill-building master classes, and attend intensive workshops that focus on a wide range of topics including curriculum, research, and art assessment.

Over the years, several scholarships have been established by colleagues to honor CAEA members who have shown a lifelong commitment to arts education. These scholarships cover the cost of the conference’s registration fee:

• The Carol Lockwood Professional Development Scholarship for CAEA members with five or more years' membership in CAEA.

• The Lynn Hickey Professional Development Scholarship for CAEA members new to the teaching profession.

• The Eileen O'Brien Elementary Teacher Professional Development Scholarship for a CAEA member who is an elementary teacher.

• The Joe Koons Memorial Ceramics Professional Development Scholarship for a high school ceramics teacher who is a CAEA member.

• The Ron Silverman Preservice Professional Development Scholarship for a CAEA member who is a student enrolled in an accredited art credential program.

The deadline to apply for these scholarships is September 30.

Donations to the CAEA Professional Development Scholarship Fund can be made by clicking here.

CAEA Scholarship Opportunities
CAEA offers two types of scholarships. Student scholarships are available to students from middle school to pre-service. Professional Development scholarships are offered to members to help them attend CAEA conferences. Your donation to the CAEA scholarship funds is appreciated.

Requirements for each of the scholarships

All applicants will need to establish financial need: Employer (districts, schools, universities, etc.) will provide only partial funding to attend the CAEA state conference. Previous winners of scholarships are not eligible.

Deadline for submitting Professional Development Scholarship applications is September 30 of each calendar year for that year’s conference.

Scholarship Application Procedure
Interested members should download an application form and submit it before the deadline. Fill out the appropriate application form, follow the requirements, and submit the application by September 30. Include a one-page proposal, explaining (1) how the conference would impact your teaching and (2) how you will share your CAEA conference experience with colleagues at the completion of the conference. 

The names of qualified applicants will be entered into drawings for the scholarships, and a winner will be chosen at random for each category. The winner’s conference registration fee will be covered by CAEA, but it is the responsibility of the recipient to submit a conference registration form. The scholarship recipient and/or employer will be responsible for all other attendance costs.

Awardees will submit a brief 250-word report after the conference that describes how the two goals listed in the proposal were met. Reports that are especially thoughtful and insightful may be selected for publication in the Painted Monkey.

Carol Lockwood Continuing Teachers Professional Development Scholarship

Who May Apply
Applicants must be current, active members of CAEA for five or more consecutive years.

Carol Lockwood Application Form
Read about Carol Lockwood

Lynn Hickey Professional Development Scholarship

Who May Apply
Applicants must be current, CAEA First Year Professional members or active members within their first five-years of teaching.

Lynn Hickey Scholarship Application
Read about Lynn Hickey

Eileen O’Brien Elementary Teacher Scholarship

Who May Apply
Applicants must be elementary teachers in K-8 self-contained classrooms (or elementary Special Education teachers) and a current CAEA member. First-time attendees and new members are especially encouraged to apply.

Eileen O’Brien Application Form
Read about Eileen O’Brien

Joe Koons Ceramics Scholarship

Who May Apply
Applicants must be current CAEA members and must teach at least one section/class of a one-year course in ceramics (not merely a unit in an overall arts course) in grades 9-12.

In addition to the one-page proposal, the application should include proof of teaching—a copy of a current ceramics course syllabus and official course description from the school registrar.

Joe Koons Application Form
Read about Joe Koons

Ron Silverman Preservice Scholarship

Who May Apply
Applicants must be enrolled in an accredited California art credential program and must provide proof of enrollment.

Proof of enrollment in an accredited credential program must be included along with the one-page proposal.

Ron Silverman Application Form
Read about Ron Silverman

TCAP Joan Peterson Arts Scholar Program

Who May Apply
Credentialed educators that are current, active members of CAEA.

The TCAP Joan Peterson Arts Scholar program provides, to those educators selected, waived fees to identified professional learning programs of The California Arts Project (TCAP). In return the TCAP Joan Peterson Scholars share their TCAP professional learning experiences, professional reflection and learning. Contact the TCAP Statewide Office for programs that qualify.

For more information contact Kris Alexander, Executive Director of The California Arts Project.

Application Packet Requirements
Read about Joan Peterson

Professional Development Credits
To learn more about the opportunity to earn professional development credits from participating in CAEA-sponsored events, please visit the Professional Learning Opportunities section on our Resources webpage.

National Art Education Foundation Grants
The National Art Education Foundation (NAEF) offers a variety of grants that support projects ranging from professional development and classroom curriculum to research in art education. Visit for more information.
Some teachers have received funding for conference registrations. is a website designed for teachers to obtain needed materials by posting a specific project and the materials needed to complete it. Donors select the projects they wish to fund. It's an effective way to secure the supplies for underfunded art programs.


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