Youth Art Month, Council for Art Education

How To Participate

• Complete a Photo/Plagiarism Release form for each student submitting work.
• Create an Inventory of the work you are submitting.
• Create a Label for each entry you are submitting.
• Turn all Photo/Plagiarism Releases, Inventory, and Labeled Artworks in to your designated chair by Area Deadlines. 

Be sure to follow up with your Area or Local Chair for specific information regarding deadlines and submission info

• Northern California Chair: Jaime Shilen ([email protected])
• Central California Chair: Jamee Eaton - Interim ([email protected])
• Southern California Chair: Kristen Ursenbach ([email protected])
• Inland Empire Chair: Kristen Ursenbach ([email protected])
• Los Angeles Chair: Christine Terry ([email protected])
• Orange County Chair: Vacant (If interested, contact SoCal Chair at [email protected])
• San Diego Chair: Elizabeth Wepsic ([email protected]

CAEA Student Artwork Rubric

In the absence of cross-committee norming, rubrics yield subjective results based on each judge’s unique interpretation of the rubric criteria. It is expected that the CAEA Student Artwork Rubric will be used when judging all YAM show and State YAM Flag artwork entries.

Program Report/Digital Scrapbook

State Youth Art Month Chairpersons can create digital scrapbook reports, documenting local observances, events, exhibits, proclamations, funding, and community support. Reports are submitted to CFAE, and programs are recognized for outstanding achievement with financial awards and trophies.

Youth Art Month CAEA Teacher Membership Requirements

• The teacher submitting a student’s artwork must be a current member of CAEA when the artwork is submitted at all levels of the YAM program.
• The membership must be an individual membership and not an institutional membership.
• The membership status of the teacher submitting student artwork must be verified by the CAEA Executive Secretary, as an NAEA/CAEA ID# is not proof of current membership.
• A member teacher may not submit artwork for another teacher who is not a current member.