The California Art Education Association is the professional educational organization for pre-K through university educators working in all areas of the visual arts, such as drawing, painting, digital media, weaving and fabrics, ceramics, glass, sculpture, and mixed media.

This organization, formed in 1965, helps and supports educators by anchoring the elements and principles of design in meaningful instruction and promoting the alignment of the approved state content standards for visual art and the national visual art standards.


California Art Education Association: The leading voice in California for Art Education, CAEA.
Art Inspired, Educator Designed.


The mission of CAEA is to provide a collaborative network to strengthen visual arts education in all educational levels through advocacy, leadership, professional development, and professional recognition.


The California Art Education Association goals are:

  • to ensure all California students have access to a comprehensive standards based sequential visual arts education taught by highly qualified credentialed art educators
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  • to advocate, inform and communicate the importance of visual arts education on the local, state, and national levels
  • to recognize and foster exemplary visual arts education, programs, educators and students
  • to provide a network of visual arts education leadership and resources


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The California Art Education Association is state government composed of several State Areas is organized to include State Officers (President, President-elect, Past President, Secretary and Treasurer), an Executive Committee (State Officers and Presidents of the Areas), and a State Council (Executive Committee, President-elect of each Area, and Standing Committee Chairs). Standing Committee Chairs (Youth Art Month Chair, Professional Awards Chair, etc.) shall be appointed as voting members by the State Executive Committee to serve a two-year term concurrent with the State President's term.  Contract Employees such as the Conference Manager, Conference Administrator, etc. are non-voting members in accordance with a negotiated contract. For further information regarding CAEA State Government, see the CAEA Constitution below.


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Constitution Amendments Proposed 2017

Voting for the proposed amendments to the CAEA Constitution is opened from December 7 - December 30 at 5:00 p.m. Click here to cast your vote.



CAEA Minutes December 4, 2017
CAEA Minutes March 10, 2017

CAEA Minutes March 8, 2017

CAEA Minutes January 6-7, 2017

CAEA Minutes September 20, 2016.pdf

CAEA 2016_2017 Approved Budget.pdf
CAEA Minutes September 11, 2016.pdf
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CAEA Minutes July 2, 2016.pdf
CAEA Minutes April 8, 2016.pdf
CAEA Minutes March 13, 2016.pdf
CAEA Minutes January 31, 2016.pdf
CAEA Minutes January 8, 2016.pdf
CAEA 2015_2016 Final Budget


CAEA Bylaws Adopted December 2017
CAEA Historical Snapshot
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The Early Years and Leven Leatherbury
CAEA Non-Discrmination Policy
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CAEA President History
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CAEA Constitution
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