CAEA 2020 Summer Mini-Conference

Teaching Visual Art Virtually—It’s your new SuperPower!

July 22, 2020
12:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Featured Speakers:

Clara Lieu, Adjunct Professor at the Rhode Island School of Design, and a Partner at ART PROF, a free online educational platform for visual arts

Trina Cole Harlow, Kansas State University and the founder of k-12 Online Art Teachers Group, and author

Dana Green, NBCT, presented Flipping the Studio at NCECA- Portland, NAEA-New York, and DMPS- Des Moines. Her flipped instructional videos are utilized by learners from around the world on the Dara Green YouTube channel and on Instagram @centralacademythrowing. Dara, her students and community have raised over $500,000 to build their district a new ceramic studio.
Dr. Cris Guenter, Ed.D., Professor Emerita of Education, taught in the School of Education, California State University, Chico, from 1987-2019, specializing in teaching that focused on arts education, art, and technology in education. Her research interests included technology's intersection with the arts. She is both artist and educator. whose paintings and photographs have been exhibited in several national juried exhibitions.
Robb Sandagata, Director of Online Curriculum, DAVIS Publications

This mini-conference, which will explore teaching visual art in a virtual or hybrid environment, will consist of four sessions. Continued monthly sessions will be offered to maintain support and networking over the next months.


Session 1

Teaching Art Online: the big questions and ideas

This session will feature a panel discussion with:

  • Clara Lieu, Adjunct Professor at the Rhode Island School of Design, and a Partner at ART PROF, a free online educational platform for visual arts;

  • Laurie Gatlin, Associate Professor of Art Education at California State University, Long Beach;

  • Dr. Trina Cole Harlow, Founder of the Facebook k–12 Online Art Teachers Group, Professor at Kansas State University;

  • Robb Sandagata, Director of Digital Curriculum for DAVIS Publications; and

  • Anna Pilhoefer, transitional kindergarten through 6th grade elementary visual arts educator in Santa Barbara, California, 2019-20 Teach Plus California Policy Fellow, and member of the California Curriculum Framework and Evaluation Criteria Committee in support of the state's newly adopted Visual and Performing Arts Standards.


Session 2

Teaching Art Online: grade-level approaches

This session will be geared to specific grade levels: K-2, 3-5, MS with Dr. Trina Harlow, HS-Beginning Art, HS-Adv. Art and AP with Clara Lieu, ceramics with Dara Green, and media arts.  The special session will offer specific ideas, lessons and resources that educators at these teaching levels and subjects can use.


Sessions 3 and 4

Teaching Art Online: special issues and challenges

During this session, participants will be able to choose from a variety of sessions focusing on Canvas, Microsoft Team, and other platforms; Special Education issues; AP Studio; special sessions from Davis, and Blick and more.

Throughout the conference, breaks will be included to allow participants to talk and share with other teachers from around the state and across the nation.

Please go to the online schedule to see the sessions more in depth!



$60 for all participants

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