CAEA 2020 Summer Mini-Conference

Teaching Visual Art Virtually—It’s your new SuperPower!

July 22, 2020
12:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Please plan to join us for the CAEA 2020 Fall Virtual Conference, November 4–7, 2020.

The majority of the recordings are now available on the CAEA 2020 Summer Mini-Conference web app. A few of the recordings have some technical issues, and a couple of the presenters for various reasons have asked that we do not publish the recordings. We are working with one of our presenters to do a special encore session in August, so watch your email. This session will be free for all conference attendees and a small charge for the general public if space is available.

We feel that the conference was a success with the help of our great presenters and volunteers. However, technology was true to its reputation of being both a blessing and a curse. Things that went smoothly on our rehearsal turned bumpy on Wednesday. Considering that the conference was coming to you via 8 different computers scattered across California, it was a marvel of technology. Then add to that the fact that our presenters came from across the United States. In addition, we had 32 people from 17 states all attending together. Just think about doing this 20 years ago! The brick and mortar conference would have had geography boundaries. Instead, we could reach out to our profession and create a special community of educators and learners. As Clara said, we are all beginning to learn a new language - teaching online. Furthermore, as Trina pointed out, we must embrace this opportunity to create unique and exceptional learning experiences for our students.

We learned so much about planning and holding this type of event and will use this knowledge to create an extraordinary event November 4-7, 2020. Each day or time block will focus on a unique topic from Choice-Based Art Education, the new California Framework, Universal Design for Learning with Liz Byron, and Social Emotion Learning in the Art room. Whether you come for the whole thing or just pick one day, it promises to be another adventure.

Nancy Andrzejczak
CAEA Conference Administrator


Accessing Conference Recorded Sessions on the App

Until we can set up the recordings on a private list on YouTube, the recordings exist on the event app for the summer mini-conference. To access what recordings we have, you must go on the event app.

  1. Go to the CAEA app on your phone.

  2. Open the app and select past events. Choose the Teaching Visual Art Virtually. If you have not accessed it before, you will need to enter the same password you used on the website to access the conference.

  3. Open the home page. Select the agenda icon. Slide the calendar at the top of the page back to July 22.

  4. The recordings that were available have a button: View Recording. Press the button. It will show black at first—be patient. Please note these recordings are NOT edited. You will see the live recording.

  5. Please note there were technical issues with some sessions and other sessions in which the presenters asked not to be recorded. So not all sessions are available.

  6. We apologize for the technical problems, but this was our first endeavor in holding a virtual conference and we have learned a great deal for the future.



Thank you to our sponsors for making this conference a reality! Davis Publications and Blick.

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