CAEA Presidential History

*Members of first organizing committee, along with: Freda Bobrink, Jean Palmer Rinaldi, George Dahl, Ralph Farmer, James Souden, and Norman Schmidt.

Dr. Leven Leatherbury

Dr. Leven Leatherbury* 1965–1967
In 1964, Dr. Levenbury met with interested participants from throughout the state to consolidate two existing organizations: The Northern and Southern sections of the Pacific Arts Association, to form the CAEA organization. Dr. Letherbury became the Charter President of CAEA, leading to way to what has followed.

Stan Cohen* 1967–1969
Organized State conferences in Newport Beach and San Francisco. Hosted the 1968 NAEA Convention in San Francisco. Worked with the State Department of Education to begin identifying objectives of Visual Arts Education for K-12

Audrey Welch 1969–1971
CAEA aligned with other arts educations associations under the aegis of the Coordinating Council for Fine Arts and Humanities in California (CCFAHS), which in 1974, became the official advisory group on the arts to the State Department of Education.

J. Mansel Willet* 1971–1973
Maintained close working relationship with the State Curriculum Commission, co-producing, with Stan Cohen, CAEA Curricular Chair, the Ethnic Arts Bibliography. Worked with NAEA in organization of the USEA Art Exhibit and developed plans for public service announcements on commercial television. Involved in early stages of implementation of the State Art Framework.

Pauline Gratner 1973–1975
Worked with State Department of Education and Supt. Wilson Riles to advocate a balanced curriculum in primary classrooms including The Arts. With Wayne Dean, developed a mobile exhibit of masks for intermediate schools in Southern Area. Recommended CAEA promote a strong program of careers in Art to enhance all learning.

Dr. James Smith 1975–1977
Initiated the first monthly newsletter in September 1975 called, The Painted Monkey. Wrote an analysis and commentary on the History of CAEA from 1965-1978

Dr. Dwaine Greer 1977–1979
First time The Painted Monkey was sent to all art teachers in the state. Appointed a liaison to all exhibitors at the conference to support their needs. Published article with Kay Toloday that used the phrase, “Discipline-Based Art Education.”

Duane Hagen 1979–1981
The Painted Monkey logo was redesigned from a representational look to the stylized look used today. The September 1980 premier issue of the expanded and redesigned newsletter was mailed out to every junior high school, high school, community college, and university in the state.

Dr. Ann Heath* 1981–1983
As a founding member of CAEA, served as Curriculum Chair prior to being elected President. Active in development of criteria for instructional materials in art for State Board of Education.

Donald Buhman 1983–1985
Worked with LACAE in support of legislative action plan, establishing priorities at the Legislative Action Conference for Art Education in Los Angeles. Served as Vice-Chair of the Curriculum Framework and Criteria Committee for Visual & Performing Arts for the California State Department of Education.

Dr. Joan Love Allemand 1985–1987
More than doubled the membership to 1000 members. Did a KCET television telethon to raise money for educational television. Won Award of Excellence for the Youth Art Month at Pacific Design Center, MC’ed by Jack Lemon.

Dr. Edith Curtice Johnson 1987–1989
Developed new Mission Statement for CAEA to reflect historical concerns, practices, and current issues in Art Education. Established long-range goals for association clustered around leadership, membership, advocacy programs, and professional relations. Hosted 1988 NAEA Convention in Los Angeles at which The Painted Monkey (Majorie Sahs, Editor) received an Outstanding Newsletter Award.

Joan Neelen-Siegel 1989–1991
Had all time high of 1126 attendees at State Conference in Sacramento, 1990. Initiated student Art Scholarships. Published four documents that were sent to California Schools: “Student Art Exhibitions”; “What is Art Education?”; “CA State Framework for VAPA Synopsis”; and “Student Assessment in the Visual & Performing Arts”. Held 25th Anniversary of CAEA at State Art Convention in Fresno, “Go for the Gold,” in 1991.

Gerald Scheib 1991–1993
Developed a modern, professional visual image for CAEA through new stationary logos, membership brochures, expanded newsletter, and creatively designed and updated membership directory. The Painted Monkey, under the editorship of Janice Olson, along with a series of articles by Dr. Ron Silverman, earned the NAEA first Place Award for Outstanding Newsletter Writing. Worked with the State Department of Education and the National Standards Board to assist in the establishment of the State Framework in Art Education and National Standards in Art.

Robert Ruark 1993–1995
Revised the CAEA Constitution. Worked with the National Board on National Art Teacher’s Test.

Terry Givens 1995–1997
Promoted local meetings of art teachers at their schools. Headed the California delegation for the 1997 NAEA Convention in San Francisco.

Craig Tomlinson 1997–1999
CAEA applied for and was granted Non-Profit Status for income tax purposes. Hired a professional CPA to handle IRS and State Franchise Tax Board filing and maintenance of fiscal records. Downsized State Council Board with recommendations to Area Councils to align with State Board.

Donna Banning 1999–2001
Established position of Executive Secretary with use of permanent address for State Council. Established CAEA Website Coordinator position. Established the Active Retired position. Established the Lifetime Achievement Award and the Outstanding Active Retired Award. Expanded the President’s role on the CAAE Board.

Lydia Vogt 2001–2003
Simplification and alignment of budget formats for State Council, The Painted Monkey, and the Conference. Refinement of State Council meeting process with focus on content, continuity, adherence to meeting norms, and hiring of a professional editor. Expansion of President’s participation on Board of CAAE.

Dr. Cris Guenter 2003–2005
CAEA moved into the digital age with a systemic approach to The Painted Monkey submissions, the Membership Directory, updated website, and contracts for CAEA paid consultants. The CAEA Constitution was moved to digital format, updated, published, and made available online.

Penelope Venola 2005–2007
Formed first partnership with an exhibitor to support Youth Art Month. Created first CAEA pin with the Painted Monkey logo for the membership. Hired first professional website consultant.

Kathy Rogers 2007–2009
Continued to keep the Idyllwild Scholarship going with one full time scholarship or two half time scholarships. Added a ballot for elections to be included in The Painted Monkey on a prepaid postage postcard for return. Instituted email blasts to keep the association abreast of the California Arts Grant that had been implemented but was threatened by economic downturn.

Susan Wuerer 2009–2011
Supervised and initiated new website with integrated database and real time online conference registration and membership capability along with capacity for targeted emails and membership interaction. Instituted Constitutional change to allow online voting in state and area elections. Established two new state professional awards: Rookie of the Year and Special Needs Art Educator of the Year. Initiated use of digital version of The Painted Monkey.

Tami Lincoln 2011–2013
Laid groundwork for CAEA to become a partner with NAEA. Invited by State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Tom Torlakson, to be a member of the Create CA task force that published “A Blueprint for Creative Schools,” guaranteeing all students a creative education. This also resulted in establishing Dance and Drama credentialing.

Nancy Andrzejczak 2013–2015
CAEA became a partnership state organization with NAEA resulting in nearly doubling the membership. The organization worked on advocacy, including a bill calling for new VAPA Standards. While the bill did not survive, it laid the groundwork for a future bill. Celebrated CAEA's 50th Anniversary in Sacramento where nearly 250 members marched on the capital to share how Visual Art Education is important for every student.      

Armalyn De La O 2015–2017
Co-sponsored, with CMEA, legislation that was passed (AB2862) to revise California Visual and Performing Arts Standards. Grew membership to 1003 in August 2017, the highest membership since CAEA partnered with NAEA in 2014. Revised CAEA Constitution and By-laws.

Robyn MacNair 2017–2019