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Thank you for your support of visual arts education! As a California member of the National Art Education Association (NAEA), you automatically become a member of the California Art Education Association (CAEA) and receive both national and state membership benefits.

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It's easy to join or renew; simply visit the NAEA membership web page: Or, you may follow the prompts below to join or renew. If you need more information on membership, check out the NAEA/CAEA member benefits to see all that membership has to offer, or membership details to find out more about membership types and fees.

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Membership is for the period of one year. In order to take advantage of special discounted CAEA rates, membership must be current at the time of any conference registration (and the actual event) for CAEA conferences or mini-conferences or any other opportunities that offer special membership rates. Membership must also be current in order to participate in any other CAEA events, special offerings (such as professional or student scholarships), or exhibitions unless it is specifically indicated that membership is not required.

For further information about CAEA membership, contact [email protected].

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