2018 CAEA Conference Logo2018 CAEA STATE CONFERENCE

Navigating New Horizons in Art Education

Queen Mary, Long Beach

November 9-12, 2018



Master Classes 

Master Classes are $60 per class (plus any materials fee),
except for Hiep Nguyen’s Master Class (MC #16) which is $30.

Master Class tickets are non-refundable and non-exchangeable unless the event is cancelled.

Transportation to CSULB will be provided.

Participants will meet the vans on the gangplank at the entrance to the ship.


 Friday, November 9, 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM 

Brian DoanMC #13 Artist: Brian Doan

Master Class: Alternative Photography: Sun-Printing

Friday, 11/09 1 PM – 4 PM

Meet at Queen Mary Gangplank
Pickup Time: 12:15 PM for transportation to LB Art Exchange, Van 1

In this course, participants will transform their images by experimenting with alternative making and printing processes with the use of early photographic processes such as cyanotype and lumen print into fine art photography. Cyanotype is a photographic printing process that produces a cyan-blue print. Photographers and scientists have used it since its development in the 19th century and this method continues a medium choice for contemporary artists and camera-less photographers. In addition to technique, the historical context of these processes will be presented. Final critiques of participants’ work will examine the aesthetic qualities of images rendered through the contemporary application of these time-honored processes.

$20 supply fee, this will cover for chemicals, papers, tools, etc.

About the artist: Brian Doan is an artist and professor of photography at Long Beach City College. He is also the faculty advisor of the LBCC Club d’Art, and coordinated Club d’Art’s first partnership with local arts organizations to display student work within the local community. The club recently participated in the “From Within” exhibition at the Long Beach Art Exchange, a collaboration between Club d’ Art, ARTX and the Long Beach Museum of Art (LBMA). Brian has exhibited his own art both locally and internationally. 





Tor HovindMC #6 Artist: Tor Hovind

Cancelled: Master Class: What Is A Brand? The Answer Might Surprise You

Friday, 11/09, 1 PM - 4 PM

Meet at Queen Mary at 12:30 for transportation to CSULB

What is a brand? This is a question I frequently ask while lecturing and I am intrigued with the multitudes of answers I receive. In this session, we will explore what defines a brand and the methodology to developing a solid brand strategy to creative implementation. We will examine different case studies and define effective communication strategies. Finally, we will explore designing a logo that might be implemented within your own class.

No supply fee.

About the artist: Professor Tor Hovind is the Program Head of the Graphic Design program at California State University, Long Beach. Within his tenure at CSULB, he has been a faculty member for over thirty years and was Chair of the Design Department (Industrial Design and Interior Architecture Design) for approximately six years. Tor travels the world with students and this year he will be teaching in Hong Kong, China and Hamburg, German. Beyond CSULB, Professor Hovind has been the principal of Tor Hovind Design Brand and Design Consultancy. In the past, he has run a contract that centered on think tank work for the National Security Agency (NSA) and has been an expert witness for numerous companies including Coca Cola on a trademark disagreement. He has also been associated to numerous national and international brands and has been a keynote speaker nationally and internationally on topics of branding and sustainablilty design. And finally, Tor has been featured in How, Step by Step and CMYK Magazines.





 Friday, November 9, 6:00 PM - 8:45 PM 

Hiep NguyenMC #16 Artist: Hiep Nguyen

Master Class: S.T.E.A.M. Drawing On Dura-Transparency

Class Price: $30
Friday, 11/9, 6:00 PM - 8:45 PM

Queen Mary, Royal Salon

S.T.E.A.M. Drawing unleashes participants' creativity through the use of symbols and motifs from subjects such as science, technology, engineering, art, and math. This team-building activity will expand participants' visual vocabulary, enhance their drawing skills, and produce beautiful artworks for display. Participants will also learn how to teach all 7 principles of art in one single powerful lesson.

Links to videos of the project:

No materials fee.

Hiep Nguyen

About the artistWith over 25 years of experience making and teaching art, Hiep Nguyen has facilitated community-based art projects for thousands of people around the world. His unique process has transformed hundreds of empty walls and canvases, stretched the artistic muscles of people who otherwise do not have access to art or consider themselves creative. Hiep found the non-profit Circle Painting art organization in 2007 (www.circlepainting.org), and currently serves as its Executive and Art Director. Known for his dynamic, fun-loving, and non-judgmental teaching style, Hiep's passion for making collaborative art is contagious. He is also a frequently sought-after workshop facilitator and keynote speaker at art education associations, universities, and museums across the country and overseas. 






 Saturday, November 10, 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM 

Tanya CummingsMC #4 Artist: Tanya Cummings

CANCELLED: Master Class: Motion Graphics and After Effects

Saturday, 11/10, 1 PM - 4 PM

Meet at the Queen Mary at 12:30 PM for transportation to CSULB

This master class offers an A-Z accelerated approach to a Motion Graphics project. Participants will learn about conceptual development, pre-visualization, storyboarding and Adobe After Effects.

No materials fee.

About the artist: Tanya Cummings is a graphic designer/educator and has been in the industry for over 20 years. She is a professor at California State University, Long Beach and teaches in the Graphic Design Program in the School of Art. Tanya has designed for a diverse group of clients, including: The Hertz Corporation, Pentel of America, Amtrak, and Coca Cola. She has been featured in publications, such as Print, CMYK and How. As of late, she has been working with philanthropic partners, including the Human Coalition Project, Runaway Filmworx, Internal Compass, and Andy Street Youth Ambassador Program. The term “do well by doing good” is something that is important to Tanya. She is always striving to take on projects or participate in events that make a difference in her community. Tanya has an exuberance for teaching and all things educational. She teaches a number of classes including: Media Design: Motion Graphics, Graphic Design Internship, Graduate Seminar, and other courses. Tanya’s students have gone on to work at some of the top studios and agencies around the world, including: Apple, Google, Facebook, Nike, Starbucks and many others.




Hyra GeorgeMC #12 Artist: Hyra George

CANCELLED: Master Class: Garden Hose Baskets – Just-Supphose!

Saturday, 11/10, 1 PM - 4 PM

Meet at Queen Mary at 12:30 for transportation to Renaissance Arts High School

“Weave” a garden hose into a basket! Using a new garden hose and zip ties, participants will make a decorative yet functional and durable basket. The possibilities for shapes and styles are endless and the physical workout of manipulating a stubborn hose into something you can use indoors or out is so rewarding. And when it gets dirty you can just hose it down! Examples of working with other “tubular” materials will also be presented.

$50 Materials fee includes one garden hose, zip ties and use of necessary tools.





Brian McMahonMC #14 Artist: Brian McMahon

Master Class: Ceramics - Exploration of Form and Surface Techniques

Saturday, 11/10, 1 PM - 4 PM

Meet at Queen Mary Gangplank
Pickup Time: 12 Noon, Van 2 for transportation to Renaissance Arts High School

In this three-hour master class, we will use hand- building techniques to create vessels that are both decorative and functional. Emphasis will be placed on surface design and development of texture to transform the simple clay surface into a dynamic canvas. The main objective will be to experiment as there will not be time for drying and firing of the clay on the day of the class. No prior experience with clay is necessary.

$20 materials fee includes clay and tools.
Please bring a sketchbook for quick sketches and note taking.

About the artist: Brian McMahon earned his bachelor of fine arts degree from the Rhode Island School of Design, with a major in glass. He has exhibited his artwork at solo and group exhibitions around the country. Mr. McMahon’s areas of expertise include glass making, ceramics, sculpture, digital art, drawing, and painting. He received his Art Education teaching credential from California State University, Long Beach, and has been teaching at Sage Hill School since 2004.

Fire to Table




Kimiko MiyoshiMC #7 Artist: Kimiko Miyoshi

Master Class: Printmaking - Basic Three-color Reduction Cut

Saturday, 11/10, 1 PM - 4 PM

Meet at Queen Mary Gangplank
Pickup Time: 12 Noon, Van 1 for transportation to CSULB

This master class introduces the process of reduction printing where a multi-color print is made from a single linoleum block. You cut more away after printing each layer of color successively. The workshop covers color-separation, cutting and printing by hand.

Participants are asked to bring a few 4 x 6 inch sketches to be used for the 3-color project. Participants should wear “closed toe” shoes.

$40 materials fee includes a 4 x 6 inch linoleum block, a set of linoleum cut blades and a handle, brayer, ink, Washi paper, and other miscellaneous materials. Participants take home finished prints as well as the tools.

About the artist: Kimiko Miyoshi’s printmaking experience began as a collaborative silkscreen printer in Japan. After receiving her MFA in Studio Arts degree from University of New Mexico, she built scientific exhibitions for Explora Science Center, a children’s science museum, in Albuquerque, NM. This work had a great effect on her creative practices and observational habit. The focus of Miyoshi’s work is to transform forgotten objects or mundane phenomena into engaging works of art. Miyoshi teaches printmaking at California State University, Long Beach.





Mark MichelsonMC # 9 Artist: Mark Michelon

Master Class: Sketching from Life

Saturday, 11/10, 1 PM - 4 PM

Meet at Queen Mary Gangplank
Pickup Time: 12 Noon, Van 2 for transportation to CSULB

This class may be held outside, please wear appropriate clothing.

This master class will take place outdoors (weather permitting) on the CSULB campus. Participants will be led through observational location sketching techniques with CSULB Illustration professor Mark Michelon.

$15 materials fee includes sketchbook and drawing supplies

About the artist: After many years of skiing and travelling, Mark Michelon returned to academia and completed his BFA and MA degrees at CSULB. He has worked as a freelance illustrator, story board artist, concept artist and set designer since 1989, for a total of 28 years in the industry. Michelon was hired as a Tenure Track Assistant Professor in 2006 and currently is a Full Professor and the Head of the Illustration Track within the Illustration/Animation Program, School of Art, CSULB. He lives in Laguna Beach with his wife who is also an artist and professor, and a cat, who is neither.





 Saturday, November 10, 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM 

Narsiso MartinezMC #15 Artist: Narsiso Martinez

Master Class: TBD (drawing, on Queen Mary)

Saturday, 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM

Aboard the Queen Mary

Watch for the description on the website.

About the artistNarsiso Martinez received his MFA from CSULB and was the Artist in Residence at the Long Beach Museum of Art from August 2017 through January 2018. An exhibition of his work will take place there in the fall (CAEA conference participants will be able to see his exhibition of work at the LBMA during the conference Nov. 9 -12). Much of Narsiso Martinez’ work focuses on agricultural workers, shining a light on their plight and acknowledging their contributions and the role they play in the California (and national) economy. Martinez’s artwork portrays the struggle of the farmworker, painted or drawn on discarded produce boxes he collects from grocery stores. He has had several exhibits and one of his paintings hangs in the National Immigration Law Center in Los Angeles.





Dramatic ResultsMC #2 Artists: Christi Wilkins and Dramatic Results TEAM

Master Class: The Art of Project Based Learning – Basket Weaving

Saturday 11/10, 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM

Aboard the Queen Mary

Can your students identify what ancient art form provides fresh drinking water, holds 500 people at one time and feeds people around the globe every day? Through this class, you will examine how arts-integrated project-based learning (PBL) can transform teachers' ability to create and sustain a culture of learning in ways that excite and increase student engagement and creativity, as well as proven performance gains in NGSS, CCSS math, VAPA and SEL. You will experience the design process to create your own colored reed basket from scratch—utilizing color, pattern, measurement, geometry, area, perimeter, structural engineering, teamwork, collaboration, problem solving, and scientific, mathematical and art vocabulary. Leave with PBL strategies you can apply immediately, a lesson plan, and your own "artifact" to share with your students and get them excited about integrating engineering, math and art.

$20 materials fee.

Dramatic Results kids basket weaving

About the artists (Dramatic Results Team)

Christi Wilkins: Founder and Executive Director since its inception in 1992, Christi has successfully written and administered four U.S. Department of Education, Arts in Education Model Development and Dissemination Program (AEMDD), grants. She has received numerous awards for her vision and dedication to arts and education for high need students and is a regular presenter at state and national arts, education and STEAM conferences.

Samai Khom, Teaching Artist/Program Coordinator,oversees the development of both student programs and professional development of classroom teachers across three states.

Dan Pacheco, Teaching Artist/Program Coordinator, is a credentialed CTE AME teacher and a multi-faceted Teaching Artist

Edith Sarabia, 4th grade teacher at Powell Elementary School in LBUSD, has been implementing the arts-integrated Math in a Basket program since 2003.

Emily Lloyd, National Board Certified 4th grade teacher at Powell Elementary School, implements Math in a Basket and trains student teachers from California State University Long Beach.




 Sunday, November 11, 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM 

Susanna AliMC #10 Artist: Susanna Ali

Master Class: Torch-Fired Enamel / Glass on Metal

Sunday, 11/11, 1 PM - 4 PM

Meet at Queen Mary Gangplank
Pickup Time: 12 Noon, Van 3 for transportation to CSULB

Calling all people who love color, process, and fire. Discover an Interplay of color, light and texture, all while using torches! This is a hands-on workshop that covers all the stuff necessary to texture and prepare metal for enameling (that’s glass on metal). Use your intuition to guide you as you create color effects achieved by layering transparent and opaque enamels. Various enamel applications will be introduced and combined such as wet and dry sifted applications, and sgraffito. Additionally, students have the option to explore stencil, screen, and stamping. Torch firing is an exciting and spontaneous way to fuse the enamel and will be explored to the fullest! Along with the torch I will give a brief introduction on kiln firing procedures for those who are interested. Please like fun, fire, process, messes and hopefully share an enthusiasm to learn about the ancient technique of enameling and combining glass with metal!

$30 materials fee

About the artist: Susanna Speirs Ali is the head of the Metals Program at California State University Long Beach where she teaches classes in Metal fabrication, Jewelry, Enameling, Metalsmithing and Casting. She holds a M.F.A. (1996) from The University of Washington, Seattle, WA, as well as a B.F.A. (1993) from Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY. Susanna has also studied at Temple University’s Tyler School of Art and Pilchuck Glass School. She has been published in Metalsmith Magazine and exhibits her work internationally.




Jeffrey AthertonMC #8 Artist: Jeffrey Atherton

Master Class: Color Instability

Sunday, 11/11, 1 PM - 4 PM

Meet at Queen Mary Gangplank
Pickup Time: 12 Noon, Van 2 for transportation to CSULB

This class will begin with a short lecture on color and color context ending with Albers’ representation of simultaneous contrast. Participants will engage in hands-on play with color swatches and practice Albers’ “two colors looking like one” exercise using fragments of color swatches. The workshop will culminate in a dramatic demonstration of Edwin Land’s color theory, showing that human perception is based on context, not wavelength.

No materials fee
Bring a pair of scissors (to cut swatches).

About the artist: Jeffrey Atherton is a photographer, filmmaker, designer, and author. His large-scale photographs have been exhibited in galleries in Los Angeles and New York. He has written, photographed, and produced two fine press books at the Bieler Press, Notes for A Lost Play, and Black- Letter. Black-Letter: An Interpretation of Events Relating to the Time and Presence of Johann Gutenberg has been widely collected including Harvard University, The James S. Copley Library, Victoria and Albert Museum National Art Library, Columbia University Rare Books & Manuscript Library, The British Library, Yale University Sterling Memorial Library among others. Atherton is an Associate Professor in the School of Art at California State University, Long Beach, where he specializes in two-dimensional design, color theory, and advanced photographic lighting.





Brittany RansomMC #3 Artist: Brittany Ransom

Master Class: Explorations in 3D Scanning and Printing

Sunday, 11/11, 1 PM - 4 PM

Meet at Queen Mary Gangplank
Pickup Time: 12 Noon, Van 1 for transportation to CSULB

Please bring a flash drive.

Explore the basics of 3D scanning using the iSense Scanner for iPads and iPhones. Other scanning applications using cell phones will also be presented. Participants in this class will learn how to use 3D scanners to scan themselves, objects, and manipulate these scans using 3D software to edit information to ultimately produce a 3D print ready file.

Each participant will be able to see their print being set up for printing and will be able to pick up the 3D print the following day.

Brittany Ransom 3D Heads Sculpture

About the artist: Brittany Ransom is an artist and educator currently living in Long Beach, California. Ransom is the recipient of numerous awards and grants including the Santa Monica Camera Obscura Residency (2018), Workshop Residency in San Francisco (2016), the Arctic Circle Research Residency (2014), University Research council and Instructional Technology Grant Awards (2013-2014), and the prestigious College Art Association Professional Development Fellowship (2011). Ransom has shown internationally and nationally and has been featured in numerous publications. Her most recent work has been exhibited in Berlin (as part of Transmediale 2017), Los Angeles, Chicago, and Dallas. Ransom served as the 2017 SIGGRAPH Studio Chair and will serve as the 2019 SIGGRAPH Art Gallery Chair, both in Los Angeles. Ransom is currently serving as the Program Head and Assistant Professor of Sculpture/4D at California State University Long Beach. As a member of the faculty of the College of The Arts, she works within the sculpture area and specializes in 3D computerized production / digital fabrication and physical computing / kinetics.





Sue Ann RobinsonMC #5 Artist: Sue Ann Robinson

Master Class: Fun Folding Papers

Sunday, 11/11, 1 PM - 4 PM

Meet at Queen Mary Gangplank
Pickup Time: 12 Noon, Van 2 for transportation to CSULB

This three-hour Master Class will result in participants making three variations on folded accordion books--a book with a self-closing cover; a meandering book, and a triangle book. Examples will provide inspiration. Equipment and materials will be supplied.

A $5.00 materials fee will be paid to the instructor at the class.

About the artist: Sue Ann Robinson is an artist, educator, and curator with experience teaching art at all levels in community centers, schools, and museums. She currently teaches Artist Books and Papermaking at CSULB and is Curator Emerita at the Long Beach Museum of Art. Her artist books are in many collections including the Getty, the National Museum of Women in the Arts, Yale University, and many others. She has received many grants, residencies and fellowships for her artist books including COLA (City of Los Angeles), Visual Studies Workshop, and the California Arts Council Artist in Communities at both the Long Beach Public Libraries and the Long Beach Museum of Art. Her career has included teaching about art, curating art exhibitions, writing about art, and making art in her Long Beach studio.





 Sunday, November 11, 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM 

Hyra GeorgeMC #11 Artist: Hyra George

Master Class: Corn Husk Dolls – Not Just for that 4th Grade California Mission Project

Sunday, 11/11, 6 PM – 9 PM

Aboard the Queen Mary

The class will examine the ages-old method of making Native American corn husk dolls …and then break out of the box with a fearless fun factor that elevates the art of corn husk doll making. Use the process to enhance Fashion Design and Costume Design classes, or to just make that autumnal craft project so much more fun! Participants will make at least one faaaabulous corn husk doll using standard craft materials, natural and found objects.

$20 materials fee includes materials and tools to make the dolls and instruction guide.

About the artist: By profession, Hyra George is a set designer and producer for live theatrical shows, corporate events and rock tours. Originally from NY, she has lived in Long Beach for 26 years. She was that kid who entered every art contest, and that grown-up that heads straight to the glass blowing demonstration at art fairs. With a life-long passion for painting images of the southwest and nature photography, she also has spent a few years entwined in “weaving” baskets and sculptures from garden hoses! Her current art addiction is making and selling sculptures and functional art via copper foiling stained glass. Hyra is actively involved in the arts programming at the Alpert Jewish Community Center in Long Beach and is a substitute teacher for the theatre and arts classes in the Long Beach Unified School District.





Ann WeberMC #1 Artist: Ann Weber

Master Class: Sculpture Techniques with Cardboard

Sunday, 11/11, 6 PM - 9 PM

Aboard the Queen Mary

Create monumental and small-scale sculpture from corrugated cardboard with artist Ann Weber. Learn sculptural techniques and explore the creative possibilities of cardboard and a stapler. This class will also feature two additional projects for your classroom “toolkit” that include “newspaper children” and soft sculpture from old T-shirts.

$35 materials fee for specialized stapler (participants will keep)

About the artist: Ann Weber is a sculptor who creates monumental forms using cardboard and staples. She received her BA in Art History from Purdue University and her MFA in Sculpture from the California College of Arts and Crafts where she studied with renowned ceramic sculptor Viola Frey. Recent Exhibitions include the Long Beach Museum, Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery at Barnsdall Park and the Torrance Art Museum. She spent the month of April at the American Academy in Rome as a Visiting Artist.

Ann Weber in Rome