Teaching Art It's Your Super Power! CAEA 2019 State Conference November 14 to 17, 2019 McClellan Conference Center 5411 Luce Avenue, McClellan, CA 95652

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Telephone: 626.233.7879

Master Classes

Friday 1:00–3:45 PM  |  Saturday 12:30–3:30 PM  •  1:00–3:45 PM  •  6:30–9:30 PM  |  Sunday 9:45 AM–12:15 PM

Master Classes are your Place to Discover Another SUPER POWER!

Check out our exceptional Master Classes. We are proud to offer a wide variety of media and skill levels to meet the needs of our members. Take a class for your own personal artistic interests, find new ideas and skills to use in your classroom, or engage in your own personal challenge! Learn how to forge a metal sculpture with certified blacksmith, welder and artist, Laura Parker! Explore the world of 3D and ceramics with Tony Natsoulas, Rodney Mott or Efren Tool - each in their own unique and different artistic styles. Encaustic, dry-point printing, printmaking, painting, airbrush and more. You can do a class and then wear home the art with Ann Ragland Bowns’ silk painting class! A virtual buffet of classes awaits!

The classes are offered at four different times: Friday afternoon, Saturday afternoon, and Saturday evening. There are more traditional master classes for $60, which includes transportation to the artists’ sites. The sites themselves offer true artistic adventures. Explore Verge Art Center, Sacramento Fine Arts Center, Myrtle Press, American River College and Gallery, Rainbow Glass, and Alpha Fired Arts.

Specially-priced 2.5-hour master classes will also be offered at our first-ever SUPER STUDIO SUNDAY.

Please visit our conference Special Events webpage for details about the following additional conference happenings for which you may purchase tickets:

  • Lunch with a Mentor, Saturday, November 16, 10:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

  • Simón Silva Special Session, Cultivating the Creative Mind, Saturday, November 16, 6:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.

  • Simón Silva Special Session, Cultivating the Creative Mind, Sunday, November 17, 9:45 a.m. – 12:15 p.m.

  • Super Studio Sunday Onsite Master Classes, November 17, 9:45 a.m. – 12:15 p.m.


Meet the 2019 Master Class Presenters

Gwen Amos was the founding professor of the Graphic Design program at Sacramento State University, and was its Graphic Design Internship Coordinator for many years. She obtained a BFA in Graphic Design with a minor in Industrial Design from Kansas City Art Institute, and Masters of Arts, Education from California State University, Sacramento. Gwen was the principal of Gwen Amos Design, and along with her university work at Sacramento State, UC Santa Cruz and UC Berkeley Extensions, was a founding board member of the Sacramento Consortium of Art and Design Educators. Her work has won numerous awards and her writing appeared in such publications as Step-By-Step Graphics, HOW, and Before & After. In retirement, she currently provides classes on Color through the Sacramento Fine Arts Center.


Anne Bradley, a well-known Sacramento artist, started her career painting watercolors, and then she discovered transparent acrylics. Later in life, she learned to weld steel and cast aluminum to explore the world of 3-D creating sculpture. She is a consummate experimenter, always scouting for new materials and new ways to use old materials. Anne now is known for her large paintings, which explore texture, blending and overlapping colors and attaching sculptural elements. She has judged numerous shows and has a following of students and collectors. She lives in Carmichael, California, and is part of High Hand Gallery in Loomis and a member of the Creative Arts League of Sacramento. Among her many awards, she has taken Best of Show at the State Fair, KVIE Art Auction and Oakwilde Sculpture Park.


woman in glasses smiling with face resting on handAfter a twenty-year career in printing, graphic design, and illustration, Linda Clark Johnson was ready for a change and decided to become a schoolteacher. In 1998, she earned her teaching credential and began sharing her artistic passion with students. She also holds a master’s degree in the Arts in Education. Currently, she works as a full-time studio artist. She loves to share her work at shows, studio events, and online (especially Instagram!) She also teaches small groups in her Sacramento studio.


Sue Anne Foster will be sharing her skills in her Repousse Journal Class. As a sculptor, instructor, and Artist-in-the-Schools, Sue Anne Foster tries to live what she teaches. She has taught around the world and in many different levels. She’s taught kindergarten to college (she is a professor emeritus on the faculty at CSU Sacramento), from Sacramento to Alaska to Uganda, where she taught high school and junior college while serving in the Peace Corps. She’s also an art therapist and was the first Visual Arts Director at the Alan Short Center, a Developmental Disabilities Service Organization in Stockton, CA.


Debra Hosler has been working with fibers and textiles since childhood. She grew up in rural mid-Michigan, learning a variety of needlework skills and other art media through the activities of her mother and grandmother. Her background in sewing led to a love for quilting, which she pursued for many years as she studied surface design and created art quilts. In 2006 Debra traveled to Finland to assist with a group show by California Fiber Artists, and as a guest of the sponsoring fiber symposium she learned several basic wet felting techniques. She found working with wool intriguing, but did not explore it further until several years later when she learned needle felting techniques as well. At that point, she realized the possibility of using dyed wool fibers to create imagery that could be framed for the wall, and she began using wool fibers and yarns to "paint" with wool.

Debra maintains a studio in High Hand Art Gallery in Loomis, CA, where she is an Artist in Residence. She teaches classes in various fiber arts and surface design, and is an active member of HHAG, where her work is regularly available for sale.


Sandy Lindblad, a contemporary animal portrait artist, has a unique style between impressionism and expressionism. Her colorful art specializes on animal subjects capturing the “impression” and feeling of cats, dogs, horses, and other subjects in her paintings. Using pastels, acrylics and sometimes, oil, Sandy enjoys seeing her subjects come alive on canvas or board. Sandy has an extensive art background, graduating in 1983 from the Art Academy University in San Francisco with two BFA degrees. Her art can be found at Auburn Old Town Gallery (Auburn, CA), and at High Hand Gallery in Loomis, CA, and at several veterinary offices in Grass Valley and Nevada City, CA. Her website is: www.sandylindblad.com.


woman with curly red hair

Veronique Marks has a deep passion for combining photography with mixed media. Her most recent art focuses around alternative process photography techniques using reclaimed wood and mixed media. She is a regular participant of the Santa Cruz County Open Studios and currently has her work in regional galleries, art shows and art festivals across northern California. Veronique has been teaching art for over 20 years in the Pajaro Valley Unified School District. She currently teaches high school photography (wet lab/digital lab), AP studio art drawing, and AP studio art 2D design.


Sarah Mattson is a figurative mixed-media artist and professor of Art at American River College and offers private lessons out of her Fair Oaks studio. She has a Master of Fine Arts focused in Painting and Drawing from California State University, Long Beach. Sarah says, “I am enamored with the traditional Encaustic technique: hot molten bees wax colored with powdered pigment(s). It is aesthetically pleasing to my senses because of the sculptural process I use; I incorporate direct painting, found objects, and wax transfer techniques.”


man wearing striped shirt

Rodney Mott’s experience as a ceramic artist began in 1972 at Los Altos High School in California, working with clay, acquiring skills on the pottery wheel, and selling his pottery at a local shop. At Penn State University, while majoring in English and studying poetry, Rodney continued to maintain an interest in ceramic art. After coursework under Dave Dontigny and Jim Stephenson, he was further inspired when introduced to Paul Soldner’s artwork. After receiving his B.A. Degree at Penn State University in 1984, Rodney began graduate work at Claremont Graduate School in southern California. There, as a student of Paul Soldner, he also worked as Soldner's teaching assistant in 1986 through receiving his M.F.A. Degree at Claremont Graduate School in 1987. Rodney returned to northern California where he continued creating and teaching art. Shortly thereafter, he met Daniel Rhodes and developed an interest in wood-fired ceramics. By 1990, Rodney had built his first wood-fired kiln in Volcano, California.


smiling man wearing overalls

Tony Natsoulas has been working as a professional artist specializing in ceramic sculpture since receiving his Masters of Fine Art degree in 1985 at the University of California, Davis. His main interest has been large-scale figurative ceramic sculpture with a flair for camp. In undergraduate and graduate school, Natsoulas was fortunate to have studied with world-renowned UC-Davis funk art professor Robert Arneson. Natsoulas' pieces are in galleries and museums around the world. His commissioned work includes several public and private sculptures in bronze, fiberglass and ceramic. For the past seven years, he has been Exhibition Coordinator of the Gallery at Blue Line Arts! Natsoulas maintains a studio in Sacramento, CA.


With over 20 years of experience in making and teaching art, Hiep Nguyen has facilitated numerous community-based art projects for hundreds of thousands of people around the world. His unique participatory and social engagement process has transformed hundreds of empty walls and canvases and stretched the artistic muscles of people who otherwise do not have access to art or consider themselves creative.

Hiep holds a MA in Art Education from CSU Long Beach.

In 2007, Hiep founded the non-profit Circle Painting and STEAM Drawing, a community-based art education organization (www.circlepainting.org), and currently serves as its Executive Director.  

Known for his dynamic, fun-loving, and non-judgmental facilitation style, Hiep's passion for making collaborative art is contagious. He is also a frequently sought-after master teacher and keynote speaker at art education associations, universities, and museums across the country and overseas.


smiling woman in a plaid shirt wearing a name tag

Jenn Norpchen studied ceramics and sculpture in college, ultimately obtaining a degree in Interior Design with a minor in Fine Arts in 1976. As she explored her personal interest in the creative process, she became fascinated with melding ceramics and sculpture together with her fascination with organic gourds. Her gourd art consists of a little bit of this, a little of that… a whimsy. The whimsical characteristics of gourds intrigues her; the gourd becoming a magical canvas with its unique shapes and patterns. She has experimented with a variety of processes and materials to create unusual gourd creatures and has shown her work at numerous galleries in Northern California, Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Asheville, North Carolina, and Everett, Washington. Jenn is a recognized award winner for the California Gourd Society and has been published in the Ginger Summit, and in Jim Weidess’ instructional books on gourds. She lives and works in Granite Bay, CA.


Melissa Offutt has been a jewelry designer working primarily with texture and cold fabrication techniques since 2000. She has shown her jewelry across northern California in galleries in Berkeley, Healdsburg, San Jose, and Santa Cruz, and at the Santa Cruz County Open Studios Tour. She currently teaches high school 3D Art and Ceramics in Aptos, CA and has taught traditional and digital art mediums, including art, sculpture, jewelry, and photography. Melissa believes that the arts are the seed of innovation and developing relationships with students.


Laura Parker, a certified welder who was chosen to participate in the Monster Garage TV series as one of the fabricator/welders, is passionate about the creative potential of metal. What attracts her to the working of steel is the exploration of its qualities when it enters its “plastic” state through direct process: bending, twisting, riveting, joining, etc. There is something sustaining and true about shaping hot metal in much the same way as it was done centuries ago. Her work is an exploration of movement and motion. The immediacy and directness of the process encourage spontaneity in her idea development, and the forge fire is her “inner center”. Laura’s work is usually personal in nature and emulates her own trials and tribulations, as well as her responses to the fragility of human interaction and relationships. She has been published in three professional metal sculpture publications and is constantly working to grow as an artist/blacksmith.


Helen Plenert creates art to uplift the viewer using local scenes that are often over looked in our everyday journeys. She studied art locally at American River College and California State University, Sacramento where she was taught by local artists Gary Pruner, John Kaneko, and was very influenced and motivated by Wayne Thiebaud, Larry Weldon and Gregory Kondos’ work. She retired as the Program and Art Director for Women’s Wisdom ART in 2016 after 10 years of service to the community, and is noted for creating numerous community art events for the benefit of special projects, such as, “innerSOUL”, an art show to raise funds for Joshua’s House, Hospice for the homeless. Her personal art has lead her to the study of nature’s sculpture in its many forms. Helen loves a challenge, and each piece becomes a personal dare to see what she can create.


smiling woman with an embroidered shawl draped across her shoulder

Theresa Polley-Shellcroft, has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Art Education, a Master of Arts in Fine Arts and post graduate studies in Art History focusing on African/African American Art.  Retired from over 40-year career in full time teaching, K-12 (all subjects and Art).  She has taught at and continues to teach at the college level since 1981.  Her visual art works and fiber arts have been exhibited from NYC to California.  As part of the Women of Color Quilters Network, her quilts have shown in many museums and galleries around the country. 

She has works in many collections including the Smithsonian Institution, African American Cultural Collection; the University of Michigan African American Quilt Collection; the National Afro-American Museum of Culture and History at Wilberforce Ohio.  She continues creating art and presenting workshops in the arts.


Ann Ragland Bowns has been a member of the art community in Sacramento for many years. She has explored watercolor, oil painting, and printmaking, sculpture and fabric-batik. Now she is known for her painting on silk. She has numerous large-scale Public Art commissions. Examples of her work are included in three books including, “The Best of Silk Painting” by North Light Books. See examples of her work on her website, https://annraglandbowns.com/.


Jaime Shilen received his bachelor’s and master’s in art education from Buffalo State College in New York. A Visual Arts Educator for 20 years, Shilen is currently the art teacher at Toby Johnson Middle School in the Elk Grove Unified School District. Shilen has also worked for the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento, California and the Albright-Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo, N.Y. as a teaching artist and member of ART ATTACK!, a satellite art program for at-risk inner city students. He encourages and inspires students to develop their own personal style of creativity, making art that attacks the senses of the viewer. Art ROCKS!


Simón Silva has taken on this mission to educate others on artistic communication because he wishes someone had reached out to him in the same manner that he is reaching out.




smiling woman wearing scarfGrowing up in Norway, Unni Stevens had the privilege of easily traveling to many beautiful places. Her art is inspired by the shape and color of her travels, as well as the mystery of nature and its seasons. Unni spent a year working and studying in Japan and was inspired by the beautiful sumi-e paintings, ceramics, and wood block printing she found there. She attended the Laguna Beach School of Art where she studied drawing, sculpture, and painting, and where she co-owned the Artist Alley Gallery. Unni was also an art teacher and loves to inspire the love of creating art with others. She is currently a member of High Hand Gallery in Loomis, where she shows her exhibits her paintings and woodblock prints.


man using tool to control hot blown glass

Phil Teefy has mad skill! Philip has been creating award-winning glass art for 40+ years. He has mastered stained glass, fused glass, sandblasting, and glass blowing, as well as other art mediums. He has built Rainbow Glass from a passion for glass. His ability to mentor and inspire students keeps students coming back for more. Participants will learn glass art skills from a true giant in the field.


Ehren Tool has been featured by Craft in America on PBS. He is a ceramic artist and Senior Laboratory Mechanician at the Ceramic Department at the University of California, Berkeley, and a Marine Veteran of the 1991 Gulf War. Tool was greatly influenced by American expressionist ceramic sculptor, Peter Voulkos. He received his MFA from the University of California, Berkeley, and BFA from the University of Southern California and has exhibited his vessels at the Oakland Museum of California, the Craft and Folk Art Museum, the Berkeley Art Center, the Bellevue Arts Museum, and The Clay Studio among others.


woman in glasses smiling in front of artwork

Emily Wilson came to Women’s Studio Workshop from Sacramento, CA as a workspace resident, layering waxed etchings on gampi and experimenting with encaustics. Emily received her MFA from the University of Arizona, Tucson. She has taught printmaking workshops around northern California and is the Chair of the Department of Art and Art History at Sacramento City College.


smiling woman wearing scarf holding a tube of acrylic paint

Patricia Wood is currently a full-time Professor at American River College. She has had numerous exhibitions, both locally and nationally. She received her BA in Art Studio from UC Davis and her MFA in painting from the University of Arizona. Her artwork has been featured in several issues of New American Painting magazines, as well as on the cover of Studio Visit magazine's 7th edition. She currently lives and has an art studio in Sacramento, California. She shares her space with two adorable cats who, through their callous disregard for art supplies and works in progress, serve to remind her that ultimately the value of the art-making process is both personal and subjective.