Lynn Hickey

Lynn Hickey

As a long-time CAEA member, Dr. Lynn Hickey served on the CAEA State Council as Research Chair and Public Relations Chair, coordinated the development and implementation for the CAEA Exemplary Visual Arts Program, and was a frequent presenter at CAEA Conferences. She was recognized by CAEA with the Douc Langur Award, an Award of Merit, and as the Outstanding Supervisor/Administrator Visual Art Educator in 1997.

Lifetime Accomplishments

Dr. Lynn Zwerg Hickey made many contributions to arts education and received many awards in recognition of her service.

Lynn was the Magnet School Coordinator for 32nd Street/USC Visual and Performing Arts Magnet School in the Los Angeles Unified School District. She taught at the CAEA Summer Art Camp and was an original member of The California Arts Project (TCAP). Lynn served on the Visual and Performing Arts Framework Revision Committee in 1996 and helped develop a draft document for Curriculum Guidelines for Visual and Performing arts, grades 6 – 8. Lynn also directed a project called “Visual and Performing Arts Technology in the Curriculum” in 1985-1988.

While teaching at Sepulveda Junior High, Lynn received the Los Angeles Music Center BRAVO Award in 1985 for excellence in teaching; She was chosen from 67 nominees and 10 finalists from Los Angeles area schools. She was one of the contributors for the Los Angeles County regional blueprint for arts education: Arts for All.

The Lynn Hickey Professional Development Scholarship was established in her memory in 2002.


A Tribute to Lynn Hickey from Former Student, Aaron Kahlenberg

I was searching for information about Ms. Hickey and found this great scholarship in her name.  I am so happy her memory is being kept alive by giving other young teachers a chance to follow in her footsteps.I was one of Ms. Hickey's students.  She changed my life by introducing me to the arts and pushing me in the right direction.  As a twelve-year old student at Sepulveda Junior High, I knew she was a special lady and had a lot to teach me. Her class made me look forward to attending school.  By the time I left her class for high school--after three years as her student--I knew I wanted to be involved in the arts.

In high school, I took drafting classes to add technical skills to my illustration and sculptural abilities.  Eventually, I decided to become a car designer -- connecting my two loves:  cars and drawing.  Art Center College of Design was the next stop on my journey.  While I was enrolled there, I was lucky enough to bump into Ms. Hickey.  I beamed with pride as I told her where I was going to school and what I wanted to do with my life.  She didn't seem surprised, almost as if she knew I'd end up there.

After designing cars and toys for several years, I decided to make a change. Remembering the lessons Ms. Hickey gave me, and the inspiration she offered, I decided to become a teacher.  It was the best way to pass her lessons on to a new generation of students. I am currently beginning my 12th year as the architecture teacher at John F. Kennedy High School's Architecture and Digital Arts Magnet.  My program is known for its strong design-based curriculum and a high percentage of our students continue on to careers in architecture and design.All of what I do can be traced back to that wonderful woman who tried, very hard, to help us see and create more beauty in the world.  Funny thing is as hard as I know she tried, she always made it seem so easy!

THAT is the lesson she left me with, and it's something I use every day.

When I found out that she had passed away, I was just starting my career.  We had spoken about collaborating on a project, but when she didn't return my calls, I became worried.  Soon after, I heard the sad news. I only wish she could see what I have accomplished, but I have a feeling that she wouldn't be surprised.  She probably knew I'd end up in front of a class -- and she probably knew it when I was 12 years old!

I think that named scholarships sometimes lose sight of the person they are named after. This is my way of sharing who Lynn Hickey was and to let you know through me, and, I am certain, hundreds of others, that her love of art and education continues to inspire people today.

September 1, 2010