2018 CAEA Conference Logo2018 CAEA State Conference

Navigating New Horizons in Art Education
Queen Mary, Long Beach
November 9-12, 2018



Meet Our Keynote Speakers!

 Dr. Nancy Andrzejczak, CAEA Conference Chairman, [email protected]

Cindy FoleyCindy Foley - Saturday morning, 11/10

CAEA is proud to present Cindy Foley who will open the conference on Saturday morning, November 10th. Developing creativity is one of the major themes of Cindy Foley’s work. 

Cindy TEDX Stage

Foley worked to reimagine the Columbus Museum of Art as a 21st century institution that is engaging, meaningful, and transformative -- an institution that impacts the health and growth of the community by cultivating, celebrating, and championing creativity. She envisioned and led the charge to open the 18,000 sq. ft. Center for Creativity in 2011. In 2013, the museum received the National Medal for Museums in recognition of this work.

She has been a keynote speaker for the 2017 Missouri Art Education Conference, 2015 Maryland Art Education Conference, the 2015 Art of Education Conference and the 2012 Ohio 

Art Education Association Conference.  In November 2014, she was a TEDX Columbus Speaker presenting Teaching Art or Teaching to Think like an Artist and in 2016, she was asked to again take the TEDX Stage to present The Benefits of Boredom.



Wendy MaruyamaWendy Maruyama - Sunday morning, 11/11

Continuing with the theme of creativity and innovation in the field of visual arts, we are also proud to feature Wendy Maruyama. Furniture maker, artist, and educator Wendy Maruyama has been making innovative work for 40 years. While her early work combined ideologies of feminism and traditional craft objects, her newer work moves beyond the boundaries of traditional studio craft into the realm of social practice. Her Wildlife Project focuses on endangerment of elephants, a cause that is very personal to the artist. Her recent sojourn to Kenya has served as inspiration to create a new body of work with a strong societal message.

The Wildlife Project

Wendy has been a professor of woodworking and furniture design for over 30 years. She is one of the first two women to graduate with a Masters in furniture making from the Rochester Institute of Technology. Maruyama has shown her work over 40 years and can be found in museums spanning the globe including: Victoria and Albert Museum, London; Dallas Museum of Art; Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; Philadelphia Museum of Art; Museum of Art and Design, New York; Los Angeles County Museum of Art; Mingei International Museum, San Diego; and the Oakland Museum of Art.

Wendy was a featured speaker for the San Diego TEDxTalks (https://youtu.be/phCccLkocEE). We feel Wendy will inspire you in countless ways and will encourage you to challenge your students to find their own way of bringing to life a personal social issue through their artwork.  Check her out on Craft in America: http://www.craftinamerica.org/wendy-maruyama-artist-talk-and-opening-of-california-masters/

Wendy sculptureElephants




Marilyn StewartDr. Marilyn Stewart - Sunday afternoon, 11/11

Marilyn Galvin Stewart, Ph.D., is Professor of Art Education and Co-coordinator of Graduate Programs in Art Education. Dr. Stewart teaches courses in art education theory and practice and other courses such as “Visual Culture: Critical Practice,” “Women in the Arts,” and “Art Criticism” in which she invites students from across campus to critically engage with art and other aspects of visual culture. 

In addition to numerous journal articles, Dr. Stewart is co-author of Rethinking Curriculum in Art and author of Thinking Through Aesthetics. She is a frequent keynote speaker and consultant in national curriculum projects, including her recent work as Director of The Dinner Party Curriculum Project and Coordinator of the Educator Guides Project for the PBS series, Craft in America. Since arriving at Kutztown in 1986, Dr. Stewart has conducted over 200 extended professional development institutes, seminars, and in-service days in over 30 states.




Dionisio CeballosDionisio Ceballos - Monday morning, 11/12

Dionisio Ceballos (b. 1972, México City) is a multidisciplinary artist known for his murals, and luminous, colorful abstract work. Ceballos has discovered a prolific language in the constant exploration to extract the mystical, the natural accidents – the substantial. The studies of light, the translucency, and the ludic atmospheres are characteristics of his work. His paintings become a translation of the chaotic towards the graceful – from the unpredictable to the essential.

Ceballos’ influences range from the Mexican masters Rufino Tamayo and Pedro Coronel to the American expressionist school and the bright hues of his native heritage. Ceballos is an Emmy award winner for his work as an animator and designer and has received several awards and grants for his creativity.

He will discuss his work, the subject matter, the palette he is drawn to, and the connections between his life’s spiritual and artistic journeys. He will also talk about the challenges that came with an invitation to paint several reproductions of works of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo for the film Frida.