CAEA now has three great ways to reach art educators in California: The Painted Monkey, the official newsletter of the California Art Education Association, in our annual conference app and program, and on our website. The Painted Monkey is available online three times a year: Winter issue, Spring issue, and Fall/Pre-conference issue. The conference app is available to everyone who uploads it, and the program is made available to all conference attendees. The CAEA website is viewed by members and non-members. Advertising with us offers unique exposure to this highly targeted group of professionals.

For questions about advertising in The Painted Monkey or on the CAEA website contact [email protected].

For questions about advertising on the conference app and the conference brochure, please contact [email protected].


Discounts for Multiple Advertisements

Discounts Apply for a Contract for:

  • 10% off for any combination of two ads (For example, 2 print ads or 1 print ad and 3 mos. of website advertising, etc.)

  • 15% off for any combination of three ads (For example, 2 print ads and 3 mos. of website advertising or 9 mos. of website advertising, etc.)

  • 25% off for any combination of four ads (For example, 1 year of website advertising or 2 print ads and 6 mos. of website advertising)



Advertising in The Painted Monkey and the Conference Program

Sizes and Rates for The Painted Monkey

Size Price ($)
1/8 page (3.5625” x 2.44”) 90.00
1/4 page (3.5625” x 4.875”) 145.00
1/2 page horizontal (7.375” x 4.875”)  240.00
1/2 page vertical (3.5625” x 9.875”) 240.00
Full page (7.375” x 9.875”) 425.00



Deadlines for Advertising for The Painted Monkey

*All issues are in digital format.

Publication Date Advertising Submission Deadline
Winter Issue*: February 1 December 1
Spring Issue*: May 1 March 1
Fall Issue: September 1 July 1
November: Conference Program October 1



Digital Layout File Requirements

  • Approved File Types: PDF, Illustrator, PSD or TIFF

  • Resolution Requirements: Files must be created at 300 dpi at 100% scale.

  • Color Mode: Files are to be in color, unless you prefer a gray scale ad.

  • Fonts: For PDFs: Embed all fonts at time of PDF creation
• For Illustrator files: convert all fonts to outlines.

    • For PSD/TIFF files: flatten artwork for final delivery.



Advertising on the CAEA Website

Rates for advertising on the CAEA website

Website Display Quarters Advertising Submission Deadline Rates for Each Quarter ($)
January–March December 1 250.00
 April–June March 1 250.00
July–September June 1 250.00
October–December | Conference Time September 1 250.00



Display Includes:

Company logo with direct link to your website: $250 per quarter (3 mos.)


Be a Conference Sponsor at this year's State Conference

For details on how to become a conference sponsor, contact [email protected].

All ads must be submitted as Camera Ready Art (CRA). CAEA is NOT liable for incorrect spelling or grammar in any published advertising creative material. All submissions will be published "as-is" with regard to spelling and grammar. Incorrectly-sized ads will be returned to the advertiser for correction, or additional fees may be assessed if the advertiser elects to have CAEA staff perform resizing of the submitted material.  Please review your work carefully prior to submission.