Frequently Asked Questions

How can I submit an article for one of CAEA's publications?

The president of CAEA has final approval of all articles for The Painted Monkey. Send articles directly to the President by deadlines listed in The Painted Monkey. Any submitted article is subject to available space.

Can anyone nominate an individual for an award?

Any member of CAEA in good standing can nominate an individual for an award. The nominated individual must also be a member of CAEA in good standing as well as meet the criteria for the award. Most awards can only be given to the same person once. Refer to the link on Professional Awards to find a nomination form and the criteria for each award.

How are convention sites selected?

Convention sites are previewed by the Conference Manager and presented to the State Council for acceptance.

Where do I find the names and addresses of my elected officers?

All CAEA officers are listed on page two of The Painted Monkey or on the State Council link that gives their email addresses. For addresses online, look in the member directory.

How can I get my issue of The Painted Monkey online?

The current issue of The Painted Monkey can be viewed by clicking on the Painted Monkey Quick Link to the right. You can also view the archives of past issues by clicking on the Resources tab at the top.

I have an arts related job opening; how can I get it posted?

Job openings may be posted on the CAEA Facebook page by the CAEA Facebook Administrator. All job postings are subject to approval by the CAEA President.

Does CAEA have a members only section?

Currently there is no specific section but some pages are only accessible to current members. Username and password are requested to access these pages.

Can I get a CAEA email account?

At this time, only a few CAEA state council members are eligible for an email address through CAEA.

How can I advertise in The Painted Monkey?

Please contact [email protected] if you wish to advertise in The Painted Monkey. For rates and other details, refer to Advertising.

How long is my membership and when does it start and end?

Membership is for one year. NAEA sends out reminders as your renewal date approaches. Please visit the NAEA membership webpage for details:

I am interested in attending CAEA's annual conference. When is the conference and where can I find information about the conference?

The CAEA conference is held each fall (generally in November). Please start checking the website and your issue of The Painted Monkey for details starting the previous spring.

I am interested in helping with CAEA's annual conference. Who should I contact?

Contact your Area President and start checking the website and The Painted Monkey for details starting the previous spring. The Conference Chair(s) and their contact information will be posted.

To secure conference registration funding, how can I get the necessary paperwork to submit to my district in March?

Getting funding in March before the November conference is rather difficult because a final registration form is often not complete. Upon request to the Conference Manager, a form, even though only partially complete, is available. Most districts can work with this partial form to hold funds for the conference. The complete registration form is usually available online the first week in May and in the Spring issue of The Painted Monkey.

Why doesn't CAEA take PO's for conferences?

PO’s generally are not paid in a time-sensitive manner which is detrimental to the working of CAEA.

How can I make attending a conference affordable?

Sign up early for the best rates; do not wait to register when you arrive onsite at the conference. Save a little each month. Car pool when possible. Book your hotel early for the best rates and look for people who are willing to have roommates. Some professional development scholarships are available through CAEA for members. Look for information on the Professional Development Scholarships page.

How do I know if I was a member of CAEA in the past?

If you are unsure as to whether or not you have been a member of CAEA in the past, please contact the [email protected].

I am having trouble getting approval from my school/district to attend the conference for professional growth. Is there any statement about the conference and its content that will help me get approval?

Look for A Letter of Encouragement that is available on the Conference Page. Workshops are standards based and master classes are geared towards professional growth.

How do I get college credit for attending a conference?

Look for information on the Professional Development Credits Quick Link at the right.

What student scholarships are available and when do I need to apply?

There are several student scholarships available, and application criteria and deadline dates vary with each scholarship. Please check the CAEA Student Scholarships webpage for more information.