CAEA Conference Supercharge your Power in Art Education November 4–7, 2020

CAEA Conference
Wednesday, Nov. 4, 2020 4–8 PM

Keynote 4 PM (Pacific Time)

woman wearing glassesMelissa Purtee, nationally recognized expert in choice-based art education will be the keynote. Melissa will be speaking about: Forming Meaningful Relationships in the Age of Covid.

How do we operate as caring, compassionate, effective teachers through a screen? How do we form the relationships that will get both us and our students through this unprecedented time? Join Melissa Purtee as she discusses how being intentional about inclusive content, incorporating choice, and inviting students to use their own life experiences in the classroom can help build community and make all learners feel valued and welcome.

book cover making artistsMelissa co-authored along with Ian Sands two books that are central to the Choice-based art education philosophy. Her first book was the Open Art Room struct a chord with art educators across the nation. Their newest book Making Artists just came out and was the subject of CAEA’s fourth book club. Melissa teaches at Apex High School just outside Raleigh, North Carolina.

Melissa writes: “I’m passionate about student choice, supporting diversity and creating pathways for authentic self-expression.”


Some of the Workshop Highlights for Wednesday evening.

smiling adult woman and two young boys

Idea Generating in the Secondary Classroom with Jess Perry-Martin

Idea Generation, Mind Maps, and Inquiry using the Terra Forma Art Deck." This workshop teaches the use of the Terra Forma deck to create an inquiry for open-ended artistic practice. The session will teach how to create inquiry statements, use mind mapping strategies to develop ideas, and show examples of student research connecting inquiry to art history.

smiling man with buildings in background

STEAM Power with Tim Needles

Tim Needles is an artist, educator and author of STEAM Power: Infusing Art Into Your STEM Curriculum. He teaches art/media at Smithtown School District, is a TEDx Talk speaker, and his work has been featured on NPR, in the New York Times, Columbus Museum of Art, Norman Rockwell Museum, Alexandria Museum of Art, Katonah Museum of Art, and Cape Cod Museum of Art. He’s the recipient of ISTE’s Technology in Action Award and Creativity Award, NAEA’s AET Outstanding Teaching Award, and The Rauschenberg Power of Art Award. He’s a National Geographic Certified Teacher, PBS Digital Innovator, an ISTE Arts & Technology and STEM PLN leader, NAEA ArtEdTech interest Group leader, and Adobe Creative Educator and Education Leader Emeritus. He’s active on social media at @timneedles.

man with a pen and pencil hanging from his eyes

Serious Play with Ross Roadruck

Serious Play: This session will consider the act of play as a serious form of artmaking. Often there is such emphasis on the amount of time it takes to create a “good” work of art, but there are many contemporary artist who demonstrate how play and humor can be used to create valid works of art in a short period of time. Given the variety of limitations of distance learning and the many variables that arts educators face in this new reality, considering play as a form of expression can ease material-based pressures.

woman wearing glasses

Design a Museum with Kerry Buchman

Design a Museum: Fifth and sixth graders created their own museums with their choice of drawing, building, and digital tools. This presentation will show what they came up with, how to replicate the project for your elementary and middle school students. Participants develop a museum idea of their own. Bring paper and drawing tools.


Imagined Plants with Dick Blick

Join Julie Davis and Blick Art Materials on Wed, Nov 4 at 5:45pm for Imagined Plants, a project inspired by Dr. Seuss in which you create a new plant "species" and imagine its importance in an ecosystem. Part ecology, part assemblage art, this Blick Art Materials workshop is full of STEAM.

All about AMACO Remote Learning Resources with AMACO/brent

ONLINE LEARNING RESOURCE: This live demonstration is designed for teaching clay remotely to students who are learning from home. We will create DIY texture stamps using basic craft materials for use with modeling, air-dry or firing clays. Three different simple hand-building projects will be demonstrated using textured soft slabs.

Value Added Fiber Landscapes with Dick Blick

Join Whitney Meredith & Blick Art Materials on Wed, Nov 4 at 7:00pm for Value-Added Fiber Landscape.
In this workshop, open-weave fabric creates values ranging from ethereal to opaque against a black background. Pastels may be used to add a bit of color.


Additional Wednesday workshops will include:

  1. Sharing tech tips and tricks

  2. Sharing Canvas tech tips and tricks

  3. Activism as an emerging art teaching strategy which facilitates meaningful student choice in learning and artistic expression

  4. Making Lemonade out of Lemons

  5. Visual Literacy in Science Education: Conceptual Models and Inquiry


In addition to workshops there are planned networking and sharing sessions.

For information or registration:
Questions: [email protected]

Remember Come for a Day or the whole Conference! It is your choice!