CAEA Conference Supercharge your Power in Art Education November 4–7, 2020

CAEA Conference
Thursday, November 5, 2020, 4–8 PM

Keynote 4 PM (Pacific Time)

Kris Alexander, Director of The California Arts Project (TCAP) will speak about the new California Visual Art Framework. How does the new framework impact your classroom practice? How does the Framework work with the California Visual Arts Standards? TCAP is working to roll out the new framework across the state. Kris will set the stage for the following sessions designed around the framework and what it looks like in the classroom.
Kris was a member of the National Standards writing team and has unique perspective into the relationship between the California standards and framework and the National Standards.

Highlights from the Thursday workshops

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Google Sites Basics with Michele Nelson

Google Sites Basics is a free website template. Participants will create their own website in this session and have the ability to post their website immediately.


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Intentionally Integrating Creativity into Teaching with Keriann Armusewicz

Interested in cultivating creativity in your students? Learn about what creativity is, creative thinking skills that can be taught, and how to intentionally teach for these skills alongside your existing curriculum. This workshop has an elementary focus but content is transferrable for all levels.


Art POPS OUT!!! with Marica Didtler and Abby Cabrales

“Art Pops Out” A spin on Pop Ups, here we will have fun exploring classical art drawing with contemporary objects. Live interaction with presenters, video, Live Web Cams- Bring a few drawing tools and paper to “have fun sketching along with us! Taking everyday objects and applying classical drawing, art techniques and design elements to enhance drawing skills and create fun and unique art pieces.


Studio Class in a Box with Laurie Gatlin

For the move to distance learning for a studio class, Dr Laurie Gatlin proposed a radical shift from a hands-on maker space to an asynchronous, self-guided "class-in-a-box". In this session, the entire layout of the class will be shared, from unpacking The Box with its kit components, to LMS layout resources, to sharing all the links to the instructional videos and shopping lists for this unique experience. Lots of resources that can be adapted to middle and high school as well as higher ed courses. Everything is open access and shareable.


Lean into the Digital- an intro and walk through

In this session a variety of free digital creative experiments to engage our elementary students during online, face to face, or hybrid education models will be shared. As tech and WiFi may be the most consistent creative tools our students have access to, let us lean into them to provide robust learning experiences. This session will also include a hands on component, so that attendees may experience how we may facilitate these experiments via zoom meetings with our students.


Explore the Elementary Portion of the Framework

Explore the California Arts Education Framework with Michael Blasi, elementary contributor to the Framework, focusing on Artistic Processes (Creating, Presenting, Responding, Connecting), and building student capacity in creative decision-making. We will look at the standards from a comprehensive point of view, examining how knowledge, skills and fluency might be built over the course of an elementary visual arts education. A particular emphasis of the discussion portion of the presentation will be on distance learning challenges and opportunities.


AP Portfolio in a Current Virtual World

This presentation takes a deeper look into how art portfolios aid in student centered learning along with the ins and outs of the AP Art & Design curriculum. Look at examples of how students document their process of their creative expression and how experimentation and revision helps to guide artistic development.


Other workshops that will be offered Thursday PM.

  1. Museum Techniques in the Classroom

  2. Meet The New California Arts Education Framework!

  3. Intentionally Integrating Creativity into Teaching

  4. Learning by Doing: The Education of Edith Heath

  5. Sharing Google Classroom Tips and Tricks Panel Discussion

  6. AP Portfolio in a Current Virtual World

  7. How to link the new Framework with teaching about Social Justice