CAEA Conference Supercharge your Power in Art Education November 4–7, 2020

Teaching Art and Social Emotional Learning
Saturday, November 7, 2020
1:15–5:30 PM (Pacific Time)

Social Emotion Learning is a topic that is critical in today’s stressful times. We have arranged a great keynote address by Dr. Kristi Oliver and a line-up of 16 workshops that will cover a gamut of topics related to SEL. We will close with our featured speaker, Dr. Marvin Belzer from UCLA Mindfulness Center.

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Keynote: Teaching Art and Social Emotional Learning

Dr. Kristi Oliver will give an overview of Social Emotional Learning, emphasizing the ways art teachers can integrate the tenets of the CASEL Framework into their classroom. Presenters will highlight practical approaches for integrating techniques to help students explore self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision making in and through the visual arts.


Highlights from Saturday afternoon workshops:

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Steps Colleges Can Take to Support Pre-Service Art Teacher Identities with Veronica Hicks

This presentation highlights one California minority-majority university that revised their art education pre-service teacher curriculum in response to the diverse identities present on campus and in regional art classrooms. Those educators looking to attract diverse student populations to their programs are encouraged to attend, participate, and consider ways they might adjust aspects of their own curriculum to reflect this focus.


Engaging Youth Arts Leadership with Sabrina Skeels and Robyn MacNair

Engaging Youth Art Leadership


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Plugging into a New Paradigm: A Museum Shifts to Virtual, Socio-emotional Based Art Lessons for K12 Outreach, with Christina Alegria and Seth Stewart

Learn about museum outreach and lessons you can use.


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Engaging all Students Through Cultural Relevance with Malcom McCrae

Malcolm will share his work and approach to engage all students with cultural relevant teaching. Find out about his projects and how you can incorporate these into your classroom.


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MINDFULNESS IN COLOR with Janice Bettiga

Take a break and join this session to learn about using mindfulness in Art for oneself and for students. Teachers and art professionals need to practice self-care to develop holistic leadership skills that empower themselves and students to be artists. Mindfulness can provide the quiet time for teachers and students to synthesize and relate knowledge and personal experiences to make art. It can also help students develop the relationship of artistic ideas and work with personal meaning and external content. During our session, we will practice mindfulness techniques as we draw in color, and you will leave with resources that you may use to further practice mindfulness in art. Bring your drawing materials of choice to the session.


Here are more of the workshops that will be available:

  • The Art of Living Your Best Life

  • Expressions of Power & Empowerment

  • EL and Visual Art in a COVID-19/BLM World

  • Mindfulness in Color

  • International Service Learning in the Arts as an Approach to Social Emotional Learning

  • College Students respond to the COVID-19 Crisis Through a Photovoice Research Project


Featured Closing Speaker: Dr. Marvin Belzer

The Basics of Mindfulness for Self-care and Stress Management 

Mindfulness is the art of openly and actively paying attention to experience in the present moment. This approach has scientific support as a means to reduce stress, improve attention, boost the immune system, reduce emotional reactivity, and promote a general sense of health and wellness. This workshop will engage participants in several experiential practices where they will explore the basics of mindfulness meditation as well as methods to cultivate positive emotions, with special emphasis on reduction of stress.


For information or registration:
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