CAEA Conference Supercharge your Power in Art Education November 5-8, 2020 in Anaheim

Conference Administrator: Nancy Andrzejczak, c[email protected]
Registration Questions: Linda Stevenson, [email protected] 
Telephone: 626.233.7879

CAEA Guide to Conference Funding

Make Your Case to attend

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You have decided to attend the 2020 CAEA conference but would really like some district support. The problem is you aren’t sure on the best way to request support.

Does your school district have funds to provide for professional development? – Yes!

It is critical to understand District financial planning and your administrator’s responsibility to follow the budget.

Go to your school’s administration assistant or contact your board directly to obtain any forms or specific information on professional development funding.

When should I apply for funding?

The critical point is funding decisions are MADE early.

In March, districts often set the budget for the following year. Funding for professional development often comes out of LCAP funds, Title 1, professional development funds or site budgets. These funds can be totally site assigned or partially district wide. To receive funding, you must show how your attendance will meet the goals of that funding source.

Your principal or administrator is trying to balance the limited funds. Ask for full funding with a back-up plan of partial funding. This is a limited pot, so asking later often results in disappointment. So put your request in this Spring, but if you miss this deadline, first day back to school is imperative.

The key factor here is that you must show how your attendance meets THEIR (district and site) objectives and goals. Many principals are more likely to fund your registration if you are presenting—so apply to present a workshop, be part of the curriculum slam or workshopping event.

What if your request is denied??

Here are some alternative sources that have funded registrations in the past.

    • Apply for a CAEA scholarship.

    • Apply to your local Arts Council—many will fund your registration.

    • Donors Choose—Write a proposal and see what happens. Several people have gotten registration paid this way.


The following is an example of how an art educator might make the case for funding: If possible, print on school letterhead or use the logo attached.

(Administrator’s Name Here):

Our school’s goal is to improve the overall academic achievement of each student. My professional contribution to this goal is to plan and deliver a quality art education experience for students that will ensure rigorous and meaningful learning. The CAEA State Convention is the largest professional development opportunity exclusively developed for art educators. Participating in exemplary professional learning workshops and sessions with other pK-12 art educators, museum educators, researchers, scholars and university professors, teaching artists, and administrators offers a unique opportunity to collaborate and learn from other professionals in the field, as well as share the successes of our own school/district.

Within the dozens of concurrent sessions and Master Class workshops offered at the CAEA State Convention, there are numerous sessions specifically targeted to my professional development goals—including strategies for enhancing student achievement, interdisciplinary learning, assessment, curriculum, and instruction. Additionally, I will have an opportunity to preview instructional resources and materials for purchase at special discounts not available elsewhere.

The 2020 CAEA State Convention will specifically feature:

  1. Professional development for the NEW 2020 Visual and Performing Arts California Framework. I need to know about the Framework to provide the best visual art education for my students. There will be sessions on understanding the framework and how to implement in my class.

  2. There will be a keynote on Universal Design for Learning (UDL) by Liz Bryon and a special focus session on UDL that will offer strategies to plan curriculum and teaching to meet student needs across the spectrum. UDL meets several of the key objectives for LCAP and knowledge of UDL would help me meet my goals of inclusion and student engagement for academic success.

  3. Tony Weaver, Jr. is one of the keynote speakers. His message will focus on the importance of creating positive media images for people of color. His company Weird Enough Productions has been recognized as one of the up and coming companies in the US. Tony will also be offering a focus session for CTE and HS media arts teachers.

  4. Multiple opportunities to learn about STEAM teaching will be offered. One example is a partnership with the Discovery Museum where the attendees will receive a special tour/workshop with a STEAM focus. Student engagement and academic achievement are focal points for this session.

  5. The museum tour/workshop to the Bowers Museum will provide activities that align with the 2019 California standards and will help me to meet the LCAP goals for diversity and inclusion in classroom practice. 

I appreciate your consideration for support that will allow me to participate in this professional development opportunity during the 2020 CAEA State Convention, November 5th-8th, 2020 in Anaheim, CA.



Proposed Costs

Registration—EARLY-EARLY Bird due June 30, 2020
This includes one dinner, one reception, all workshops, keynotes and exhibit hall


Substitute Costs
Conference has network evening Thursday night and will begin Friday at 8:00.

1-2 days depending on travel

Hotel — Doubletree
139 per night plus tax
Can you share a room??


Food options can be very inexpensive
Dinner Friday is included.


Car or plane depending on distance
Fly into John Wayne or Ontario for best rate



How my attendance will support these school goals: (List specific school goals from LCAP or Plan)



Thank you
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