CAEA Conference and Community App

One of the new ways CAEA is communicating with members is our new CAEA Community App. For those of you who attended the last two conferences, you may remember the app that held the agenda, speaker information, and a myriad of other resources. We are working with Socio, our technology partner, to bring you a year-round experience, the CAEA Community App.

On the app, you will find information about the divisions, areas, and educational resources. In addition, you will find information about upcoming conferences, book clubs, exhibitor updates, and more. Unlike the website, one of the advantages of the Community App is you can easily network with other CAEA members across the state. YES, the shake feature works with your virtual friends, too!!! And games with prizes are coming!!

More features will be unveiled as time goes on this summer. In the first week of July (if you are registered for our summer conference), you will be using the app to access presentations in live streaming or recorded sessions, meet new people, network and discuss the challenges of online teaching. You will get a CODE to allow you entrance to the Summer Conference event pages on the app. The conference will work on your laptop or desktop, so you can participate in the conference easily. So watch your email!
So if you want to explore our new CAEA Community App and get the latest info on conferences, art education resources, and networking, please download our app. Be sure to update your page with information-send messages to friends (encourage them to be active, too). The Community App is for all art educators across our state--it is part of our mission to support art education for ALL students.


How to Create Your App Profile

Not sure how to create your app profile? Just click here to find out how to do it.