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CAEA Virtual Book Club

Help CAEA build community and networking through the CAEA Book Club.

Designed for both members and non-members, the club will offer an opportunity during each session to ask what you can do in your classroom to help your students as an art educator. All book club events will consist of three sessions that will take place over a four- to six-week period.

Book selections will vary, as will the presentation styles, to meet a variety of tastes and purposes. Some sessions may have the authors of the books present, while other sessions will be just for fun with members hosting the series and book titles that are more creative or fun in nature. The goal is to have a book club event every four to eight weeks with a mix of serious and light titles.


Make More Money Selling Your Art: Proven Techniques to Turn Your Passion into Profit by Eric Rhoads

Dates: Wednesday, February 10; Wednesday, February 24; Wednesday, March 10
Time: 5:00–6:00 P.M.
Cost: Free

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Our first 2021 Book Club starts February 10th, Make More Money Selling Your Art: Proven Techniques to Turn Your Passion into Profit. The club will meet February 10, 24, and March 10 at 5 PM. On February 24, author and publisher, Eric Rhoads, will join us for a discussion and Q/A session. This book is designed for your own artistic career and passion. However, high school teachers can consider doing a unit on the business of art with their students. Marcia D. said the book is an easy read and full of great ideas that you can use. This is a Book Club you don’t want to miss. Be sure to order your book early. Use the link to order the book.


For more information contact: Nancy Andrzejczak, [email protected]