CAEA Geographical Regions and Area Governments

CAEA is divided into three geographical regions: Northern, Central, and Southern. Each region may contain one or more area governments also known as Area Councils.  The Area Councils plan local events, including mini-conferences, master artist classes, museum events, member exhibitions, Youth Art Month Exhibitions and gallery walks, to name a few.

The responsibility of both regions and areas is to facilitate growth of membership and to maintain a good line of communication with the State Council. Both will also follow the CAEA Constitution and Bylaws and are charged with the following:

  • Increase awareness within their region or area by emphasizing the importance of art education;

  • Actively promote and participate in CAEA programs such as Youth Art Month and the annual conference;

  • Organize, facilitate, and promote opportunities for professional development in the teaching of the visual arts.

Through professional development, service, advocacy, and leadership, CAEA members - in both regions and areas - promote and maintain the highest possible quality of art instruction in K-12 schools. The organization supports visual arts programs that meet the needs, interests, and abilities of individual students and that spotlight the diverse cultures that enrich arts education throughout California.


Not sure what region you are in?  Check our CAEA Membership Regions Map.

For the latest news and events in each CAEA region or area, check the specific links under the Regions and Areas tab.

To learn more about how to establish an Area Council, click on the Area Governance link under the Regions and Areas tab or email [email protected].