CAEA Geographical Regions and Area Governments

CAEA is divided into three geographical regions: Northern, Central, and Southern. Each region may contain an Area Government also known as Area Councils.  The Area Councils plan local events including mini-conferences, master artist classes, museum events, member exhibitions, Youth Art Month Exhibitions and gallery walks to name a few.

2006 Constitution

Article V – Area Government

1.  CAEA activities within major geographic and population areas of the state shall be administered by Area Council of officers and representatives residing or employed in that area.  General policies and   organization of areas will follow the CAEA Constitution and Bylaws.  Specific area concerns not covered by CAEA Constitution and Bylaws will be determined by Area Councils. 

2.  Establishment of Areas.  An area shall be a major geographic section of the state which has an average membership population of more than one hundred over a three year period.  In the event an area becomes unable to function effectively due to geographic size or overpopulation of members within the area, a hundred or more members may petition the State Council and a new area may be formed. 

a. Area boundaries are drawn into Northern, Central, and Southern; periodic studies may be necessary to redefine these boundaries. Areas of population may align with areas that are most convenient and serve the best interest of those involved. 

3.  Area Officers.  The area officers of the California Art Education Association shall be President, President-elect, Past President, Secretary, and Treasurer. 

4.  Area Councils.  The Area Councils shall be composed of Area officers, committee chairs and may include representatives to represent the elementary, middle, secondary, college-university and administrative levels of art education; representatives for special professional groups as determined by Area Councils; and representatives from chapters and/or geographical locations within the Areas.

a. Area Councils carry out both statewide policy within their areas and initiate area activities to meet the needs of more local situations. Area Council meetings are usually held bi-monthly.
b. Area Councils, particularly area Past Presidents, are responsible for facilitating the growth of local chapters and for maintaining a good line of communication to and from the chapters.
c. Area Representative vacancies shall be filled by Area Council appointment for the remainder of the unexpired term.


To learn more about how to establish an Area Government email [email protected]

Not sure what area you are in?  Check our CAEA Membership Regions .

For events in the regions put on by Area Councils, check the calendar by clicking on the button on the right and/or the specific region or Area Councils for the latest news and events in that region.

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