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Navigating New Horizons in Art Education

Queen Mary, Long Beach

November 9-12, 2018



Letter to Administration 

Dear District or Site Administrator,

Often times a district administrator will ask us, Why should our district support my teacher’s attendance at your conference? How does conference attendance benefit the professional growth of my teacher? How will attendance benefit the students or the district?

To answer, we must say that as an organization, we ask those same questions in designing the conference.

  • We strive to provide a mix of sessions and classes that address the various needs of our teachers often not met at the district level. We offer classes designed to increase the artistic skills and pedagogical knowledge of the teacher. For example, this year the majority of our master classes are taught by faculty members of California State University, Long Beach, providing participants with in-depth artistic techniques and content to be shared with students and colleagues.
  • We have workshops and presentations that cover current educational research topics like Project Based Learning (PBL) and arts-based service learning for students. Many workshops are hands-on, while others are discussion-based, challenging teachers to reflect on their own instructional practice. Many sessions focus on student collaboration, assessment strategies, arts integration with science (STEAM), meeting the needs of special education students, and strategies to help students become visually and digitally literate.  For the first time this year we are offering a Curriculum Slam session, which is a 21st century digital presentation approach utilized by the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago.
  • Our keynote speakers reflect these timely topics as well. Cindy Foley from the Columbus Museum of Art will talk about fostering creativity and innovation in students. Wendy Maruyama will address how she uses her art work with her passion for Wildlife Preservation - your teacher can learn how to engage students to link their own passions with their art. Dr. Marilyn Stewart was one of the writers of the National Core Arts Standards (NCAS), and she will speak to teachers about how they can deepen learning in their classroom through the use of the Presenting Strand from the NCAS. This presentation is very timely as California is in the process of adopting new arts standards. Dionisio Ceballos will speak about his art from a CTE perspective. Teachers can use his story to inspire their students to achieve in the Arts, Media, and Entertainment fields, as California generated 1.6 million jobs in multiple creative industries in 2017 (OTIS Report on the Creative Economy, 2018).

The opportunity for your art teacher to become an active member of our state’s professional art education organization is incredibly important - so much so, that this year we are extending the conference over time. We are starting local groups that will meet in the spring to share how they implemented ideas from the conference. They can share their successes and challenges and continue to exchange new ideas. This will extend the conference from a single event to a deeper professional development experience over time, which research shows to be most effective. This follow-up day is included in the registration fee.

Your art teacher may also develop leadership skills as they become more involved in this community of practice. Teachers who present at the conference build confidence and professional skills while reflecting on their own teaching practice. This can benefit your school and district when they bring back ideas to share with colleagues.

For all these incredibly important reasons, we hope that you will support your teacher’s participation and attendance at the 2018 California Art Education Association conference on the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA from November 9-12.

Dr. Nancy L. Andrzejczak
CAEA Conference Chairman


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