2017 Conference Lesson Plans

Below are the lesson plans from the workshops that were given at the 2017 Conference. Download the lesson plans you wish to save. Thank you for participating in this year's conference and thank you to all of the presenters!
Workshops are listed alphabetically by presenter.

Presenters: Aaron Anderson/Andrew Mitchell
Grades: H

iPad Art with Layers & Augmented Reality
Presenter: Annemarie Baldauf

Grades: ALL
iPad Art with Layers and Augmented Reality.docx

Choice Art With Limited Time and Space
Presenters: Michael Blasi/Kerry Buchman

Grades: E
Choice Art with Limited Time & Space.docx

Celebrating the Artist Tyrus Wong
Presenter: Kristi Bolin

Grades: H
Celebrating Artist Tyrus Wong.pdf

Creating a Graffiti-Inspired Curriculum
Presenter: Matt Christenson

Creating a Graffiti-Inspired Curriculum.pdf

A Twist on Texture Paper
Presenter: Carole Coffman

Grades: H
Twist on Texture Paper.pdf
Photo 1

Create and Curate!
Presenter: Patrice Cooley

Grades: ALL
Create and Curate.docx

Beyond the Stick Figure-- 5pt Figures!
Presenter: Mary Ann Davis

Grades: ALL
Beyond the Stick Figure - 5-Pt.

Cameras Across Cultures
Presenters: Lucy Eagleson/Hilary Morefield

Grades: M H
Cameras Across Cultures.pdf

Full STEAM Ahead!
Presenters: Steve Flores/Elia Olmos

Grades: E
Full STEAM Ahead!.docx

ATCs: Learning & Language!
Presenters: Andrea Guillaume/Kristine Quinn

Grades: ALL
ATCs - Learning and Language!.docx

Current Events through Art Journals
Presenters: Andrea Guillaume/Kristine Quinn

Grades: ALL
Current Events through Art Journals.docx

Selecting Brushes and Proper Care
Presenter: Michael Harbridge

Grades: ALL
Selecting Brushes and Proper Care.pdf

Visual Literacy & Social Transformation
Presenters: Lynette K. Henderson/Kristin Taylor

Grades: ALL
Visual Literacy and Social Transformation.docx

How Might We...?
Presenters: Jeanne Hoel/Patricia Naczinski

Grades: ALL
How Might We . . . _-1.docx

Engaging Digital Natives though Visual Art
Presenter: Valrie Jensen

Grades: ALL
Engaging Digital Natives Through Visual Arts.docx

Turn the SELFIE UPSIDE- DOWN to Draw!
Presenter: Melissa Johnson Barash

Grades: ALL
Turn the Selfie Upside Down to Draw.docx
Photo 1
Photo 2

Building Empathy: Creating Memorial Art
Presenter: Allison Kleinsteuber

Grades: ALL
Building Empathy - Creating Memorial Art.docx

Simply, Essentially, by Design
Presenter: Mark Ritter

Grades: M H
Essentially by Design.pdf

Trash Art
Presenters: Evelyn Rivas/Robyn Young

Grades: H
Trash Art - Grant opportunities.pdf
Trash Art - Wasteland caea trash art.pdf
Trash Art - Wasteland too CAEA conference SF.pdf

Flying Out the Window
Presenters: Kathy Rogers/Penelope Venola

Grades: ALL
Plan Outline.docx
Flying Out the Window.CAEA doc-1.doc

Learner as Landscape Artist
Presenter: Jacqueline Ruben

Grades: ALL
Learner as Landscape Artist.docx

Design Thinking for Classroom Management
Presenter: Elizabeth Rubenstein

Grades: ALL
Using Design Thinking to Solve Classroom Management Challenges.docx

What are you REALLY teaching?
Presenter: Elizabeth Rubenstein

Grades: ALL
What are Your REALLY Teaching_-2.docx

Three Artists You’ve Never Heard Of
Presenter: Patricia Semrick

Grades: E
Three Artists You've Never Heard Of.docx
Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 3

Enhance the Competitive Edge of Students
Presenter: Jaime Shilen

Grades: ALL
Enhance the Competitive Edge of Student Artists.docx
Poster Contest Final
Poster Design Contests.docx

Artistic Selfie Weaving in Art
Presenters: Jacqueline Truong/Kristen Ursenbach

Grades: ALL
Artistic Selfie.docx

Weaving in Art
Presenter: Julie Van Dewark

Grades: E
Weaving in Art.docx

Connect, Create, & Collaborate: Here and Now
Presenter: Margaret Welty

Grades: ALL
Here and Now.pdf
Photo 1
Photo 2

The Art if Fashion Illustration
Presenter: NA

The Art of Fashion Illustration.pdf