CAEA annually accepts nominations from its membership for active and current CAEA members who have demonstrated exemplary instruction in their schools and who have made an impact on those around and to our organization. Awards are made for elementary, middle, secondary, higher education, museum, and administration art education. Furthermore, CAEA annually selects one of its members to receive the Outstanding Visual Art Educator of the Year Award for the  State of California who is also honored each year at the National Art Education Association national convention. The deadline for submitting nomination applications is February 15 to your Area President.


At the NAEA National Convention Kristen Wiegand was recognized as the
California Visual Art Educator of the Year 


 At the NAEA National Convention Theresa Sotto was recognized as the 
Pacific Region Museum Art Educator of the Year 



Kristen Wiegand

Outstanding Visual Art Educator of the Year

Visual art helps to cultivate the whole person. In the classroom, it helps students embrace creativity, visualize connections between ideas, materials, and processes, and expand their scope of vision. It allows them to see in more detail, develop greater problem solving skills, and explore ideas innovatively.

When one of my artist instructors introduced me to the joys and benefits of discovering the art scene in my own community, she not only encouraged me to explore local art installations and public art, but she also persuaded me to drive down to Palm Springs and attend my first CAEA conference. It was there I experienced the pleasure and rewards of sharing a similar vision and passion with fellow educators. It was then I decided to become a teacher myself. I wanted to share the language of art with young people, both as a means of personal expression, and as a means of connecting with their own lives and their communities.

In the visual arts, students' art making experiences and their study of the work of artists and art traditions provide powerful tools for learning and growing. Student artists, just like experienced artists, learn to draw on their thoughts, ideas, and experiences to explore their hopes and dreams. Through creative expression, they learn to make comparisons and look for patterns, trends, and hopefully, find the unexpected. In learning how to create, they also learn how to generate ideas and find new ways of approaching problems.


        Outstanding Visual Art Educators

Pamela Avery Anoinette Bailey Connie Watt
Pamela Avery
Secondary Level

Anoinette Bailey
Middle Level
Connie Watt
Elementary Level


Mallorie Marsh Gini Gyorkos Heather Anderson
Mallorie Marsh

Gini Gyorkos
Special Needs
Heather Anderson
Active Retired




Barb Purdy Jamee Eaton Sherri Patten Teresa Cotner
Barb Purdy
Ruth Jansen
Northern Area 
Jamee Eaton
Ruth Jansen
Central Area
Sherri Patten
Ruth Jansen
Southern Area
Teresa Cotner
Award of Merit
Northern Area


Marilee Ragland Bruce Harris Ann Litney Amberleigh Adoff
Marilee Ragland
Award of Merit
Southern Area
Bruce Harris
Award of Merit
Southern Area
Ann Litney
Douc Langur
Northern Area
Amberleigh Adoff
Douc Langur
Southern Area


The CAEA Awards Program is open to all CAEA members and features both State and Area awards. The same form can be used for various awards nominations. Send completed forms to your Area Presidents by February 15. CAEA Awards Criteria CAEA Awards Criteria     CAEA Awards Nomination Form

Ruth Jansen Award

Every year CAEA gives out one to three Ruth Jansen Awards who receive a cash award. The funding for this award is provided by a special memorial trust fund established in memory of Ruth Jansen by her family, friends, and the community. We are grateful for the support and recognition this has provided for professional educators since 1983.  There is also a special award given to one senior high school YAM winner from each Area.
Who was Ruth Jansen?  Read about this tremendous supporter of arts education: Ruth Jansen

For additional information or questions, contact, CAEA Professional Awards Chair


The NAEA Awards program is open to all NAEA members. Growing in scope since its inception, the program features awards ranging from the state, to regional and national levels, and continues to add new awards.  The 2015 NAEA Awards Program Booklet contains details and nomination materials for over 100 awards. If you wish to nominate an NAEA member, download the 2015 Award Forms RAEA Student Chapter Award Application Form.  Additional information can also be found at The deadline for submitting nominations for most awards is October 1 of each year. Please refer to application information for exact deadline for each award.

Have a question about NAEA awards? E-mail


List of All CAEA State and Area Award Recipients by Year through 2014
List of All CAEA State and Area Award Recipients Alphabetically through 2014


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