Place, People & Professionalism

   Fall 2016




Program Note from the 2017 Conference Chairs formerly known as the 2016 Conference Chairs!

You may have noticed by now a change in the 2016 Art Inspired: CAEA Place, People, and Professionalism Conference plans from a fall statewide conference to three fall regional conferences.  This change was necessary when in late fall 2015 the contracted convention center venue for the 2016 conference informed CAEA that they were exercising their right to cancel the contract. The center had received an offer from a much larger group, over 3,000, and decided to drop CAEA’s space agreements. The additional large conference information also included projected impact to CAEA’s conference given it would taking place at the same time, the surrounding area and in part the same hotel as CAEA’s planned conference.

The CAEA Executive Board explored options both within the original area and in other areas of the state, but felt the best decision was to move to regional conferences in 2016 and make 2017 a statewide conference.  CAEA is proud of the creativity, flexibility and commitment of the Executive Board a regional
leadership in their abilities to be creative problem solvers of the 21st Century! Information on plans underway for the regional conference will be coming your way soon. 


2015 CAEA Conference Lesson Plans can be found under the Resources tab - Educational Resources on the CAEA website. 

To view 2015 conference photos, please go to Maria Christie Photography:


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